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Have you ever tried to get websites to delete your data?

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I am in the process of going through all my old websites I have accounts with and deleting them...following watching 'the social dilemma' and the fact that google told me that 20 of my passwords have been compromised!


Half of these websites I barely remember signing up to, it was just a one time thing, but bloody hell the data some of them hold for me is ridiculous. For example some website called Totally Money had my last 3 years addresses.


Anyway, I have been trying to delete some of the accounts, and I can't believe how difficult it is to find a link even just to deactivate the accounts, let alone actually get the wesbite to delete all of the data.


With groupon I couldn't find anything and had to email them, they emailed me back saying I needed to fill in some special webform, which I did.


I know this is all old news to most people, I just can't believe how difficult and time consuming this is going to be. but I think it'll be worth it in the end?


P.s I hope I've put this under the right topic, seemed the most apt.



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