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light is the state of the universe

from dna to supernova, the entire universe is light


what appears dark to our eyes is a flaw of perception

all matter is electric charge in various form of plasma

even the inside of a rock contains light



there are forces working to bring darkness into being

darkness is the absence of light

an unatural state not found in the universe


many are fascinated by these lies

tales of Dark matter, Dark energy and Black holes

the last one being a "light prison"


these people form death cults, and worship the flesh

christianity is the worlds most popular death cult

worshipping the death of a light bringer

they make idols of him being murdered

and just for good measure they molest children

then start wars in his name

while wholeheartedly ignoring his teachings


there have been many purveyors of light through the ages

and no religion follows their teachings

including the religion of science


if you are identifying as any religious adherent

you are bringing darkness into being

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Christians don't worship death, they worship the resurrection at Easter.  Which is eternal life beyond the flesh.

The reason they have the image of the man dying of the cross is primarily for this reason .... the gateway to reality is to be honest about your pain.  Humans live through lying about it, drinking their way past it, they numb themselves with the TV, with their egos so they don't feel what is happening inside them.

When you see Jesus on the Cross it is the image of a man suffering so you remember you own pain, your own reality.  This is the way back to the soul.  To no longer avoid your own inner feelings, your own wounds, your own shame, your own grief.  You no longer lie.

Reading about Jesus's troubled journey, is the journey of a man, a human person ...and it reminds you of yourself.  Rather than being smeared into society's story, you remember that you are a man, a being, you feel yourself.

These things are the original intention of the image of the cross and Easter.


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The Abyss and Immortality in Christianity


The Father is the Abyss, the primordial source from which we originate ... the Son is the Presence, the active principle.

We are between Heaven and Earth.

That is why it says On Earth as it is In Heaven.

And in reference to the original Abyss ... As it was in the becoming, is now and ever shall be, world without end.


The Christian strengthens both heaven and earth, both the abyss and the present.

In this way he solidifies his soul as a bridge from heaven to earth ... it is that bridge that is immortal, that is a soul.

This is done by entering matter, then solidifying, then returning.

That is why we are here and why we need to fully engage in human life.

Otherwise you return with no bridge and that results in nothing.


The deeper way that the Abyss is depicted in Christianity is in the Eastern Cross that has 3 bars on it, the lower one is slanted, this means that the abyss is not-of this world, it is not of matter, it is very difficult to comprehend.

Black holes dark matter etc...  are all material.

But the true abyss is not.  It is difficult for humans to comprehend something that is not mater.



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