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The Eurasian Economic Union


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As expected Wikipeda gives you an 'overview' of the whole picture…



Escobar : The Eurasian Alliance is closer than you think


And this is how you'll find the article linked on the Web, otherwise you'll get conveniently contradictory disinformation from the mainstream on the general topic.


I picked it from darkmoon since it there seems 'raw' to me as bearing a different title (original?), being illustrated and not truncated or edited with propaganda like on many other sites. It explains some things and down to the latest agriculture ban in Germany due to a 'Swine flu outbreak', 'viruses' and 'viral diseases' being now used as economic war weapons like never before. As a result China stopped its pork meat importations from Germany, which will participate in weakening this one and it might be only a 'start'…




I recently reported here about the new railroad connection between Lyon in France and Wuhan in China which I guess is also part of the project…




The article also explains the hysterically relentless 'nostalgia' propaganda over anything connected to WWII and 'Nazi' Germany which has been lasting for at least the whole past decade. We've seen the unanimous reaction and 'historic' allusion by the media to the German's demonstration against COVID rules and you regularly see 'human rights activists' being 'molested by Russian police forces' on TV, so the defamation media war is directed as much against Russia or China as against Germany.


The German managed not only to recover from near complete destruction but also to pay-off lifetime 'compensations' and become the first European power again within only 50 years, so our media people are at it AGAIN after Germany like back in the late 1930's.


One questionable point to my view is when the author compares COVID-19 to the Middle-age 'plague' that after him delayed the Renaissance by one century, and then asks what kind of 'Renaissance' COVID might likewise be delaying… Well COVID-19 to me was indeed coined to cover-up the sabotaging of a 'Renaissance' the Eurasian Alliance is, only the 'great plague' too is a myth that never made half as many victims as told.


I once reported here on how most Western states dealt and contracted with the China controlled AIIB 'new world bank' already, and this might include the USA since even the 'former' world bank might have had to resolve itself to it, which means it may change the world's configuration in regard to economy but also currency and I guess 'the euro' wasn't intended to last long (not with such a name anyway).


I doubt you may find a better explanation for what's being happening these days.






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but the Eurasian Economic Union does exist... thanks for your two 'no replies' anyway...





a correction regarding the Nazi 'nostaglia' in the media... it might eventually not have been actual Germany bashing but something more 'subtle', and I just realized it seeing it stopped all at once right after the result of the US election was made public... so no more 'Nazi nostalgia', there'll be no more of it...



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it's all tied together, just because it's the natural course of things, that the wheel turns and switches happen while some demand for the Universe to freeze and stay still for them to keep being the 'first world power'...


Trump owes 350M to the Deutsche Bank that promised to size his personal assets if he lost this election, and if he hadn't we might have expected a 3rd world war for Christmas... maybe one more proof that there's a natural balance men can't break whatever they do, because a nuclear conflict with today's weapons would mean global annihilation...



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The Silk Road is a centuries old thing the Western media probably focused on as a smokescreen to hide the full picture from their public, the tree masking the forest… the reality is much bigger yet it doesn't mean we'll all ever get forced to hear Chinese music or have three meals of rice a day… the Chinese aren't monsters…


Much of the [Belt and Road initiative] infrastructure investments, or New Silk Road, may be funded by other currencies than the US dollar. China’s new digital Renminbi (RMB) or yuan soon being rolled out internationally as legal tender for international payments and transfers, will drastically reduce the use of the dollar. The new digital RMB will become attractive for many countries which are fed up with being subjected to US sanctions, because using the US-dollar, they automatically become vulnerable to being punished with dollar blockages, confiscations of resources, whenever their international “behavior” doesn’t conform with the mandates of Washington’s.


Even country reserves can be stolen, a crime perpetrated by Washington with impunity and with the help of the UK, in full sight of the world, stealing 1.2 billion dollars’ worth of Venezuelan gold deposited with the Bank of England. Only a cumbersome lengthy legal process in UK courts initiated by Venezuela could eventually free the funds to be returned to the jurisdiction of Caracas. This is a warning for many countries, who want to jump the fiat-dollar-ship and join an honest trading and reserve currency, offered by China’s solid and stable economy-backed RMB / yuan.


The dollar is already today in decline. When some 20-25 years ago about 90% of all worldwide held reserve-assets were denominated in US dollars, this proportion has shrunk by today to below 60% – and keeps declining. The emerging international RMB / yuan, together with a RCEP and BRI-strengthened Chinese economy, may further contribute to a dedollarization, as well as dehegemonization of the United States in the world. Simultaneously and progressively the international digital RMB / yuan may also be replacing the US-dollar / euro reserves in countries’ coffers around the globe.


The US-dollar may eventually return to be just a local US-currency, as it should be. Under China’s philosophy, the unilateral word will transform into a multi-polar world. The RCEP and New Silk Road combination are rapidly pursuing this noble objective, a goal that will bring much more equilibrium into the world.





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