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D.O.D secretary confirms Directed Energy Weapons and... space wars? 16/9/2020


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I can't be the only one that laughed when he said Russia & China seek to erode US dominance & how they act like AI is their invention. Do I even have to say who they seem to be forgetting? The country who supplied those countries with the stolen US tech in the first place? 

Whatever. I've said enough on that country for now. At least until they piss in my cornflakes again, they seem to have a knack for that.

Also he mentions 5G which is outsourced and in the private sector. God the corruption runs so deep it's not even funny anymore. 



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you'd really say a robot... surely why the global air traffic is kept on near stand-by anyway, they don't want interference which means they all stay on 'alert' mode both sides at least until the US election... 



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Doesn't means shit actually.

The Russians when they develop a weapon they stick on prime time so every one can see it.  That is because deterrents have to be seen.

By contrast the US are always hiding their little weapons, because they don't fly in the rain.

There is so much gravy train corruption and over complexity in the US that their weapons are not much good.

Mostly their battles are won through the overthrow of Government for instance Ukraine/ Belarus.
If you come back in 2000 years ... most likely everyone will be dead ... if not it will be the same old shit.

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not meaning to 'pick a side' but whether this report is accurate or not the Starlink satellite belt neither ever was intended for 'space tourism'... and why would the US have waited until the last decade to build it then ? 'the US' need it now that's why... 


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