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Masks and disability

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Since the first lockdown

My Grandson who was 3 and is autistic was shouted at by a Pets at Home member of staff as he stepped no more than a few inches over the taped area.

i was refused entry with my husband by Sainsbury's unless I gave my full medical history as to why I needed to be accompanied into the shop.

Lidl refused entry and 3 of their security surrounded me saying I could go into the shop accompanied .

Saying they did not allow 2 people yet they had just let an older couple in.

i was told by the manager that I should stay at home permanently if I had a medical condition .

They caused me to have a panic attack .

A cafe bakery were insistent only last week that we wear masks even though we were eating in and again ask my medical condition.

i was told I should put a  piece of cardboard with string around my neck to say I had a medical condition.

My hairdresser has said today that I cannot come in if I don't wear mask or visor .

Then told I could come in if I wear a disability ribbon 
When I said I had one the goal posts were moved. I was asked if I had a doctors letter to prove I had a medical condition.

i said I didn't need one 

Salon owner called who said I would be refused entry to the salon if I did not wear a visor or mask.

I explained that on my last visit I attempted wearing a visor and became dizzy and sick and had to continually take it off.

conclusion is that I would try and wear visor but I would have to keep taking it off.

Thus was the agreement with the staff even though owner was insisting I wear on.

im sat here and the visor has not been on during colour application. Nor if I have a drink of water .

 I have bent the visor so I can breath and to stop me choking from the bleach fumes.

I've been here 1.5 hours and I haven't seen anyone sterilise anything! 
I have been polite at all times 


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Hope you are ok Eve.

I have a large surgical scar behind my ear and I won't wear a  face mask partly due to that.

A visor I won't wear either just because I don't like the things .



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