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Trump hails 'dawn of a new middle east' with Bahrain-Israel deal - Bad Meets Evil

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On 9/16/2020 at 10:44 AM, screamingeagle said:

does anybody know how old are those pictures with  kissinger.....


Does anyone know how old Kissinger is? Must be close to a century that he has blighted the world.

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What else is Trump supposed to do?  Sanction Israel?

For years I was very leftwing regarding the Palestinians and the horrors of their treatment ... but how I feel now is that what is the point of banging your head on a brick wall.  The Israelis with their chosen people ideology, their lack of actually practicing Judaism or reading any of their books, along with the deep emotional wounds of WW2, and the lies about the Nazis ... all this creates a situation that is violent an unsaveable.

Yet someone has to do something, to change something, to try something.
For many keep the wound open is a sign of hope, but who does this really serve?

In software there is an idea that if there is an error in the software that it "fails gracefully" ... it doesn't just freeze and give the bluescreen, but actually attempt to handle collapse.

This is one of the secret arts of this world, a world full of illusions full of wild and crazy assholes ... that every time you wake up in the morning ... they are still here.  The problems don't vaporize.

Anyway, I don't know what it means, but it seems to be required for so much shit to be here on Earth.

Maybe inside me is an asshole so crazy that everyone else is normal by comparison.

It's fine to take an ideological position of "I will not negotiate with evil" ... that is good.

But it's a mixing of levels.  The only person you should have total faith in is "god" or rather the path to God ... work hard on that.  In this world it's better to just go through the open doors, and avoid the closed doors, and recognize on Earth it's a question of how insane you are rather than whether you are insane. 

And at all levels just do what needs to be done, and remember God.

I remember seeing that movie Flight with Denzel Washington.  In it he is a pilot in a broken airplane, he has to land that airplane by any means necessary before it falls apart.  Through some miraculous piloting he finally gets the plane on final approach landing in a green field ... it all looks like he is going to pull it off, but then he sees the plane is too close to a small building in the field and he is actually going to clip that building and lose half a wing.  It's too late to change the course of things.  It's just too late.  He has done everything humanly possible, and that's the best that can be done.  After that whatever happens happens.  You are going in.


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@rideforever I like what you're saying in terms of it not being black & white but shades of grey, I share that sentiment but it's not a case of not negotiating. I want people to live in peace with a solution to the problem. I know what that solution is but no one seems to touch it.


Name directly the Rothschild empire 

East India Trading Co 


Wall Street

Israel (Unit 8200, TALPIOT, JEDI Cloud etc) 

Kissinger & Soros


Plus many many many more but here's my thing that I can't let go of in regards to Trump and why he doesn't deserve to be given the attitude of "what was he supposed to do". He directly gave the JEDI Cloud pentagon infrastructure to Microsoft instead of Amazon. He DIRECTLY intervened on Amazon getting the contract and MSM claim it was because of some property dispute Bezos had with him

years ago.


Utter horseshit.

Microsoft is basically an Israeli company, all their R&D gets done over there and Microsoft Israel is basically their crown jewel. Netanyahu, Chabad Lubavich and/or Henry Kissinger went to Trump and told him to do it or they would expose his shit. Kissinger is in Trump's ear as a go-between for Rothschild as we speak. Trump cannot and should not be let off the hook, there is so much evidence implicating him in the global agenda and it's something that Q specifically can't grasp and won't until it's too late.

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Yeah, I don't know really.  I am bored of talking about Israel at some point.


Anyway, I am reading The Marsh Arabs by Wilfred Thessiger, this is a journey through the Arab lands about 100 years ago when they still had some natural authentic spirit.  Today the Emirates which was the first country to sign up, is dead it is a place of materialism like a Las Vegas in ME.  They have gone fully woke in the Emirates.  And the young over there, the only things they do is drive around in their Lamborghinis and meet in shopping malls. Probably they think it's great, but they are degenerating inside.  They do nothing except play with toys.  They learn nothing, they represent nothing, they become nothing.  Nothing people of the UAE signed that deal.  But this always happens, materialism comes with bright lights and loud noises, and takes your soul. 




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