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The man run over by the police, pepper sprayed and then kicked in the head was not a protester.


He is now in a coma.


He is bi polar and went to the Northern Hospital in Melbourne for help, but after waiting for a long time he left afaik. The hospital

alerted the police and they kicked his head in. Fuckers.





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Australia is occupied by Zionists.


Daniel Andrews the Premier of Victoria included.

Nathan Jeffay - Journalist and Speaker· 14 December 2017 ·

"Interesting time in Jerusalem with DANIEL ANDREWS the Premier of the Australian state of Victoria.

"Daniel Andrews told me he feels 'at home' here.

"Andrews pushed Aussie-Israel ties by opening a trade office for his state in Tel Aviv and exploring Israeli tech.

"He enthused about Tel Aviv, as 'the biggest innovation hub outside of the United States', the 'economic powerhouse of Israel', and said: 'There is no better place for Victoria to do business.'

"As we stood together at Yad Vashem: World Holocaust Center, Jerusalem, after a tour, the Premier spoke to me about the inspirational Holocaust survivors of Victoria, who 'contributed so much, helping to build a modern Victoria, helping to give hope and opportunity to so many people.'"
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"A secret group of men called The Brotherhood, including former and current senior police, is operating in Melbourne, the Victorian ombudsman says.


In a report tabled to parliament today, ombudsman George Brouwer says there are up to 350 men on the circulation list, including many current and former police officers, two state MPs, members of the public service and private organisations.


Mr Brouwer says The Brotherhood, which was formed in 2003 by a police inspector, was established to serve the interests of the founder, who controls membership of the group.

‘‘The culture of the organisation ... encourages exclusivity and secrecy, with the potential for illegal and improper exchanges of information or favours,’’ Mr Brouwer said in his report.


The founder invites a range of people to speak at lunches and entertain and purportedly provide an insight into their respective fields of expertise.


Men on the circulation list have been the subject of criminal and corruption investigations, including a former Victoria Police officer with alleged links to an organised crime figure, a former Australian Wheat Board executive accused of involvement in the Iraq kickbacks scandal, and the manager of a table-top dancing club regulated by the police.


Victoria Police chief commissioner Simon Overland told Mr Brouwer he shared his deep concerns over The Brotherhood’s activities and the direct involvement of serving and retired police.


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