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"LineNum" the number of lines in a symbol...


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I think the number of lines in a symbol can have a spiritual aspect....




I noticed this at the end of the new ghostbusters movie.... in the middle of the picture below it says "XO" (kiss hug).... then I realised that applies to the first two symbols (as well as "noughts and crosses").



In the start of the first ghostbusters movie there are Zener cards....



Then I was thinking about related colors - and "energies"
I wasn't very happy with the "four elements" (air, water, fire, earth)

I think the following "energies" are better:


Then I was working on Christian symbols (I am a very liberal Christian - I don't think Jesus really rose from the dead)




Somehow the five "energies" fit completely! Even sun energy as I mentioned.


BTW did people notice how the first four symbols basically match the PlatStation symbols? That is appropriate since I think life is a game.... (and noughts and crosses is a game too)

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