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Cloudflare restricts access to this site from Japan

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Not sure why but Cloudflare is preventing me from directly accessing davidicke.com. Each time I try to visit a Cloudflare security page appears and I need to complete one of those time-consuming Captcha puzzles before being able to view this website. I use a VPN but even if I disable it and try to connect through my regular ISP address I still have the same problem.


I have been visiting davidicke.com for years and never had a problem until 2 or 3 months ago. I ran an anti-virus scan on my computer and the result was no viruses or malware. One relevant point is that I'm located in Japan and usually go through local VPN servers. The only way to access davidicke.com and post this was to switch to servers in the US. Unfortunately the speed is a bit slow and not really suitable for viewing content like videos.


I sent a message to this site via Contact Us a couple of weeks ago but didn't get a reply. I also sent a message to Cloudflare but again, no response and no change. I'd appreciate any suggestions or help to get around Cloudflare's overly aggressive security check.
ps; I noticed there was an earlier post about cloudflare. That seemed to be about access to the forum though and not the website itself.

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This is not rocket science .... Cloud fair is also blocking my access to infowars for 5 days now ....


The controllers are not idiots , firstly they would create and own companies which deal with protecting sites from being hacked ....


So if infowars suffers an attack they will run strait to cloudfair in a hope they can fix things ... this may give the illusion of a sort of fix , but will in some ways it will continue the sabotage ...


The same happened to this forum . Was it cloudfair or another company?  ...After a hack management installed security which made the forum a pain to use  , numbers went down .... when finally security was removed , ... everything fine again! 

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Thanks for your response.


>The same happened to this forum . Was it cloudfair or another company?

It was and still is cloudflare. I can understand them blocking or restricting access for a week or two if the site has been hacked or there's been a DDoS attack. But like I said, it's been much longer than that and I haven't done anything in particular other than attempt to visit the website.


From Cloudflare's website...

"If no suspicious activity is observed from the visitor’s IP address after a two-week period, Cloudflare stops challenging the IP address."


Don't know to what degree cloudflare views activity as suspicious but I generally visit only once or twice a day. You mentioned sabotage but apart from a cloudflare-related post back in June, I haven't come across anyone else having to do the captcha 'challenge' to enter davidicke.com. The vpn I use (Nord) is one of the largest and has plenty of servers (80 in Japan), so it seems a bit odd that cloudflare would treat so many IP addresses as suspicious in one country (Japan) for such a long period, but not in another (the US). I contacted the vpn and they suggested a few things like changing the protocol and DNS servers etc but that didn't work out. The following is info for website owners about configuring cloudflare's IP Access Rules


IP Access Rules allow allowlist, block, and challenge actions for traffic based on the visitor's IP address, country, or AS number.

There are four configurable actions for an IP Access Rule:

Challenge: Requires the visitor to complete a CAPTCHA before visiting your site. Prevents bots from accessing the site.


I'm not that technically minded but being able to successfully connect directly via the US but not Japan would seem to suggest it's not my computer but more an issue with cloudflare? Not sure whether this is pertinent but perhaps the webmaster at davidicke.com could tweak the IP Access Rules slightly in cloudflare's firewall app to allow easier access from countries like Japan? Would any of the moderators be able to check that?


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