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Food Wars...the Engineered Destruction of Our Food Supply


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Keep these food threads coming ... this issue should be foremost in everyone's mind .


Where is your food coming from in 6 months time or a year? 


If you think supermarkets will still be open you maybe disappointed.  


Once food becomes scarce of expensive looters will take out the shops , then it all collapses. 

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US folks car queue to food banks. Strange is most vid's on food bank queue is from 4-5 months ago and almost none for 1 month ago, not to mentioning the fact folks actually can afford a nice car (bank loan?) to drive to the foodbank , something to keep in mind during this "plandemic". Btw spreading of the Dr Bill Gates DNA altering nano robot vaccine would be perfect via food banks for instance. (also remember the DNA altered tomato who can produce vaccines, research paper).



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