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coding numerology


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hi,i am trying to get my head around this atm,does anyone fully understand the coding that seems to be used regularly involving the numbers 6,3,33,9,etc

some basic stuff i understand like 15=6,12=3,cancelling out 0,and 9 can be inverted to 6 

flicked the radio on yesterday right on cue 3300 covd cases,turned the channel on there now and heard in florida someone moved 3 times in 3 days

the news also said about the 6 rule then the next headline was 6.6 percent of something(well sneaked in)

i would like to know more about it,what it means and why so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Cipher  <> A = 1 to Z = 26  http://balmoralsoftware.com/dollar.htm


III +  VI  +  IX  =  91 = StarGate


91 is either an Equinox and or Solstice.   


The drawings are from my book of whichis not published for the general public but has been published on Wix as to protect my legal rights.


                                                           Godspeed again

Chapter #23 of The Little Book Pic B#.jpg

Catch #23 The Little Book.jpg

1945 2021 questions.jpg

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