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My FOI answer 14.09.2020

Mr H

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So almost 1 month ago I asked the the Department of Public Health what I thought would be a fairly simple question. Given the severity of Government action as a result of the Corona Virus I would have thought the answer would be common knowledge to the Department.


My question:


"What evidence do you have, that CO-VID 19 has caused the death of any person in England?"


Answer after 1 month.



Dear xxxx,


Thank you for your email. The subject matter in question does not fall within PHE's remit. We, therefore, confirm Public Health England (PHE) does not hold the information you have requested. Under Section 16 of the FOI Act, public authorities have a duty to provide advice and assistance. Accordingly you may wish to contact the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) who may be able to assist you further."


Personally I found it a bit worrying that no answer could be provided.


I have no idea to the legitimacy of what they replied, that it is not their remit to provide this answer to me.


I might give the RCPath a go. Although I am not hopeful!

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1 hour ago, Mr H said:

....Personally I found it a bit worrying that no answer could be provided.




In several respects namely the compartmentalization of organisations that you'd think would be in constant communication and the basic functioning of PHE which you'd think would have operating policies based on hard data.

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Hmm how very odd, personally i would aim it straight at 10 downing street and the prime minister to boot, lets see how they wrangle that one.

just might open old Boris eyes to the scam, if he aint already involved. either way they will have to answer or will put you in touch with the correct department. now personally i would of thought it was P.H.E but there you go could be a dismissal tactic all the same.

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