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Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut was trying to expose pedophilia amongst the elite

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45 minutes ago, Haunted Universe said:

Never really thought about this until i watched some of Rob Agers stuff. What do you guys think?


I haven't looked at the video yet but I think it's very clear what Kubrick was trying (TRYING) to show. 

There are around 20 / 25 minutes of missing footage. 

Kubrick had somehow negotiated full artistic license over all his films with full editing rights. (A whole other topic) 

He was 'negotiating' with the Film Company over the edit to be released when he had a 'heart attack'. 

The film was then released shorter than Kubrick wanted 

Some say that the missing footage is of young people in the Mansion Party. 

Even without the missing footage there are endless subtle and not so subtle references to paedophilia in the film. 

Gonna follow this thread.. 


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Very true about his bust up with the head ponchos about the final cut. Then he dies. Unfortunately for them, Kubrick was an expert in coding in hidden messages. In the main sex scenes for example, you can see paintings of children in them in the background. I think the naked females in the (actual) Rothchild house represent children, same with the sex scenes. 





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Maybe his hiring of Tom Cruise was a metaphor for him being part of a low tier cult that is nothing compared to the shit the super elites get up to. Hence his small wealth in the film is fuck all compared to the freaks he runs into at the mansion, as he was NOT invited. 


Who knew being a gate crasher would end up being so deadly haha.



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