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A question for those who watch TV

Grumpy Owl

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As I don't watch TV myself any more and haven't done so for some time, there's something I'm wondering about, and I haven't seen this discussed anywhere else.


In particular in the TV 'soap operas', is anything from the current 'Covid-19 pandemic' being reflected in their story lines?


For example, do characters talk about 'coronavirus' or 'Covid-19', have any characters mentioned being 'tested' or having 'symptoms'? Have any characters been 'killed off' by having 'died with coronavirus'?


Is the Woolpack (in Emmerdale) or the Queen Vic (Eastenders) still open and trading? Do the characters have to sit 2m spart from each other?


Is anyone in Coronation Street wearing face coverings?


Just curious...

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I dont watch much tv, definitely not the soaps. I did hear somewhere that viewers had written in complaints about Coronation Street and the actors not social distancing in the corner shop or something like that. It seems that the soaps have been trying to work it into their scripts. 

Not sure about masks tho as that surely wouldnt work...

But yes people will go as low as to snitch on the fictional characters on their tv screen.

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hey mate , mum watches corrie and emmerdale. they social distance and ive seen in corrie reference to mask wearing quite consistently, talks of "not being able to hug". and a phone call to an nhs nurse with reference to self isolation. no tests/symtoms talk tho. 


emmerdale has an affair storyline. not sure how theyve carried that on.


mum doesnt watch eastenders so ive no idea. i heard they are using perplex screens and got the actors real-life partners in for kissing scenes!!! 


i dont watch tv myself either. but it makes ma happy. from what ive seen it all looks normal trash but the actors are just far apart and bring it up sometimes. hope that helps.

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since I got one and that it's connected to the US global network then I leave it on when home providing something I like is on air (currently Wheeler Dealers), otherwise I do a lot of zapping to escape adverts that keep chasing me or just to browse channels, and since our free package was entirely colonized by American series and shows I can tell I never caught a single one masked actor in any of them not more than anywhere else on TV apart form TV 'news reports' showing WE people on the 'other side', the ' fourth world'... 


I'm convinced that you will NEVER see  actors not more than TV hosts or speakers wearing masks, because TV is meant no longer to reflect but to stand for 'reality'... they physically reversed real and virtual like they did of the all rest... again it's just in their mind yet when stepping out in the street you may check it somehow was done... 



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just asked now, what corrie is doing is when people leave coffee shops they are taking masks off. but no there was a scene 2 days ago in a shop with no masks worn. including a police character. the pub and restaurant  is open.  mask worn briefly in hospital scene last week with complaints that character "wore it incorrectly" 😂😂😂

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