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I've just shared the first vid on a Fakebook group. I had no idea until recently they put all this shite in music videos and films. I was reading some of the comments under the video, it's been viewed so many times, sigh. Some people were saying "she must be psychic". The odd one knew. I watched some of that guy you recommend where he outs them all on YT. I was hoping not to find Morgan Freeman amongst, I didn't. So many others though, double sigh.

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Grimes claims in an interview that "during filiming, she kept pulling strange faces while dancing, so the Choreographer finally gave me a mask to wear".


The only problem - there are 7 people with masks in that scene. Did her Choreographer produce 7 masks from her bag because, well, everybody has a stack of masks on them?



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This is really important because this is what's really going on.

It's not about coronavirus.

Humans are degenerating and becoming the willing slaves of the internet, programmed for darkness, suicide and destruction, and many weird anti-human ideas.

The future is bleak.

People are very programmable, to a much greater extent than you might realised.

The NWO is not in charge imo, that idea actually gives you a sense of rationality and reason about it.

If you understand that the darkness is eating human beings alive then you have a better understanding of the cause and the type of solution you need, God.

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