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432 Hz...?


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Has anyone read or messed into this at all?

If you have never heard of it before 432 hz is a balancing harmonic frequency.

When compared to the standard 440hz most of the live and recorded music we have ever heard is in.


I tuned my keyboard down to 432 hz to play a song I was making from an old poem in a book, really just to try it.

At first AGH it sounds so out of tune!!

About 20  minutes later  and this is interesting, it sounds gentler and slower, almost a  rustic feel.


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I've been learning a lot about different stuff the past year. Mainly to try and calm my mind from all the chatter. They changed from 432hz which is calming and resonates with the heart chakra to 440hz, just after the 2nd world war, which is unbalancing and some say is a war on our conscious minds, making us agitated and depressed. All part of their plan against us too. 

I listen to tibetan singing bowls, sometimes. And even classical music tuned to 432hz. Which I wouldn't of dreamed of a year or 2 ago. 

Once you start researching about frequencies it's quite eye opening.

Glad to see this topic posted.

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Music cospiracy guru from flat earth  says the same about that topic he got some nice songs also 

I Wonder whit Who i were in Portugal cud listen some real good Music, all i have around me is brain deads

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