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"Surviving the social credit score" deeply disturbing.

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"But what would make us push back? According to our survey, the potential punishments that would have people resist this system are: being publicly named & shamed (how very British!), being prevented from applying for credit cards and a restriction on the type of jobs people could apply for."


And a lovely quiz to see if you'll be the laughing stock of the world..or a wonderful brainwashed citizen. 



There are no words really. I feel emptiness over this. Wow. 


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We already have this. Its called being poor and "socially excluded." You will be called a bad person, you will be unable to get a good job, unable to improve your credit so you will never be able to improve your situation. Your children won't attend good schools, you won't be able to travel, afford decent internet, and you will be bullied off internet dating sites. The only thing left is to put your face up on a screen in public.

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