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Pope Francis - Covid-19 - Noahide - AI - A Global Unification, Of Peace ✌


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Pope Francis backs ‘universal’ COVID vaccination ‘for all’, WHO thrilled

'It would be sad if this vaccine became the property of this or that nation and was not universal and for all'



However, before you receive your vaccination of "Peace and tranquil abiding for all", you must sign this declaration of your commitment towards Noahide Laws.

Even though it's a bondage made via blood oaths and preceedings, this is not a battle over your soul 😷




Shortly afterwards you'll receive an implantable chip connected to a SMART Global ID computer database not watched over by man, but AI, your new, one true God, which the pope has also already kindly put his John Hancock to - while it's still a thing, decadence lives in the past - commited to safety of "Our Global Family, our Citizens, our Subjects" and the prevention of terrorism, everywhere.


The pope has joined forces with Microsoft and IBM to create a doctrine for ethical AI and facial recognition. Here's how the Vatican wants to shape AI




We don't want to miss or unfairly leave anyone out of our peaceful initiatives, justice and equality for all.

That would be a sin now wouldn't it 👁?



By this time, if you don't feel you've been well and truly, royally shafted by Satans little helpers, please find the nearest bridge and throw yourself off it, Satan will then meet you at the gate all at your convenience now we have streamlined the process on the road paved to hell 😇🙏


There's no place to hide from the NWO 
Nohide Laws


Technocrat Pope Calls For Universal Basic Income (the elite plan I have been exposing for decades to make everyone dependent on the state – that’s why the ‘virus’ hysteria has been used to destroy your independent livelihood)





The Darkness - "Can you tell what it is yet?"




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