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Has Covid19 been isolated?

Damian Smith

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39 minutes ago, Damian Smith said:

I've seen articles saying covid19 has been isolated. Can someone tell me why david icke believes it has not been isolated. Is it because it's just genetic material that has been collected but the virus itself has not been isolated from that.


Can you please share the articles you have seen?


There have already been threads on the forum addressing claims of the SARS-CoV-2 virus having been isolated - including by the Sunnybrook Research Institute - so perhaps, if you share the articles, this could aid with your enquiry.

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11 minutes ago, Damian Smith said:

The articles ive looked at go over my head. I told this guy the virus hasn't been isolated and he sent loads of links something to do with genome sequencing claiming it has been isolated. I just wanted to know why david icke believes covid19 has not been isolated.

Look at Dr Andrew Kaufman who explains in detail the evidence for why it’s not been isolated. As far as I know that’s why David believes this too and from what I’ve seen also agree it does not from the evidence.

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