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What can we do?


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Apologies if this has already been discussed. 

Does anyone have any ideas about what we can actually do, on a practical day to day level, to counteract the effects of these restrictions to our liberty? 

I am thinking of creating a network of people in my local area, with regular face to face meetings and safe places so no one gets isolated. 

I'm frightened to be honest. It all feels quite hopeless. 

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Just remember our ancestors went through horrible times and survived.


There was people born at start of last century, that went through ww1, then great depression, then ww2.


In 1930's america, people were dying of starvation, and most people do not appreciate how bad it was there.


If you go back before 20th century life was horrible for all poor people, no matter what skin colour you were.


So remember what ever is going to happen, and something major will probably happen in future, humans have always come through alot. Its not nice, but thats the world, and the people running uk, usa, and israel, want there idea of the world finalised. The public will be living with the consequences of what ever that really means.


Just remember this, and how people before us, lived through horrible times.


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Firstly you need to educate Yourself on all this ...I know it makes your brain hurt but it has to be done ... 


I suggest you start with vaccination since this is the big threat on the horizon ....research Bill Gates and all the times he's been caught poisoning people  in the third world with his vaccinations ...going back many decades ... scores of incidents all appear at the back of the news paper and then forgotten ...He has said his goal is to reduce population ...his father was a leading eugenicist...


You have to hit people with the whole truth  ... they may not believe it now .. but will later .


So this is a plan by the secret government to exterminate billions of people ...


As for direct action , I suggest soft non compliance ... don't wear masks , don't social distance , push the limits of what you can get away with , if enforcers tackle you educate them ...Rehearse what you will say before ... make their life difficult , take up their time ... but finally back off and don't get arrested , this way you are free to continue ..


Be bold and fearless , even if they arrest you , you aren't going to a torture camp ...Just down to the station for a cup of tea , charged and released after a few hours .... a great opportunity to explain to more police what is really going.... 


But first you need to be an expert yourself , otherwise they will make you look a fool .

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Whenever you decide to get a network of people, don't do it on facebook, emails, texting or twitter. It won't take long you will get "spies" in the crowd and look into laws about gatherings promoting conspiracy ideas. 

It's a full out war right now and the authorities will do anything to stop anyone going against the "new normal".

I hope you succeed in your endeavor whatever you do. 

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I have already posted this, but here it is again :


Posted Tuesday at 04:43 PM

After living on this planet for close to 80 years and having lived and worked in around fourteen different countries, plus the things I learned not only from my grandparents, but my great grandparents as well, one starts to recall many things.


There is another way . . .


These mass gatherings are great. Don't think that I don't support them because they are great at showing the powers that wanna be that we are getting PISSED OFF, but they also have a big downside.


The sheep will never go to a demonstration. When they see the thugs called police, beating on a grannie or a pregnant woman, they cheer them on - "Our police are doing a great job. These bloody conspiracy theorists are a menace they should all be locked up." They say in self-righteous anger. The people out there that are partly convinced and are starting to smell a very big rodent with this entire bullshit, think "Good job no one I know was there. I thought of going, but thank God that I didn't".


There's another way . . .


It has been used by a certain group of people for many, many years. It's time tested and it works. Here's how it goes 


Each and every person who reads this forum has a job. The job is to "convert" or de-brainwash, SIX people. It doesn't matter who they are, or what they do for a living, the only thing that matters is that they aren't already convinced that we are in deadly peril.


Now convincing only SIX people isn't a major task. Once you have your six, your work is done. You keep in touch with them, feed them the latest news, update them, you are their 'leader' for want of a better word.


Each one of the six people that you convinced has a job of his / her / it's own. Each one has to convince six others. Only six, no more, no less. The people they "convert" don't have to know about the one who "converted" them. so your six, suddenly became 36 and each one of those has to gather 6 more, so now already we are up to 216, then to 1296, so 6 x 6 x 6 x 6. Then 7776, 46656. Use your calculator. 


It's well within the means of a person to gather SIX people into the fold.


There's another thing. Let's say A is the origin, each one of his team knows A. One of his team B, has six people in his team. The all know B, but they have no idea who A is and so on down the line, so if Z, way down the chain has 6 people and one gets arrested and questioned under pressure, the only persons that he knows are Z and maybe the rest of Z's team.


It's been working for over a hundred years. It's just amazing how easy it is not to mention how effective. If you REALLY think hard, how do you think this entire conspiracy against us started and grew? How do you think the Cabal works?


You can't use YouTube or Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, they are all censored. THEY CAN'T CENSOR WHAT YOU SAY IN PRIVATE!


You can print stuff to convince them after all you only have to convince SIX, not 6,000,000 so printing a few sheets of FACTS with the necessary links to Govt / Medical sites PROVING just ONE thing, is usually enough to tip them over the edge. I know. Just convince them that wearing masks is USELESS and detrimental to their health is usually enough. 


Think about it. What have you got to lose?

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Yes, but how else do you get the idea out? Facebook?


Actually ANYONE using ANY of the Social Media apps, deserves to be locked up. You are GIVING all your personal details to anyone who wants it, from advertisers to M15, NSA, CIA, 5-Eyes. Do you actually believe that you have even a tiny shred of privacy on any of the Social Media Channels.


It's as good as walking into a police station and handing over EVERY details about yourself, free, gratis and for nothing.


The very first thing to boycott is ALL social Media.


Next, you change your passwords on your computer and any app that needs a password to AT LEAST 8 to 10 character, with upper and lower case, numbers and extended ASCII characters and NOT a word that's in any dictionary. It's easy to make a password that you can remember. Take any phrase that you know. e.g., The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. Take the first letter of each word (TLIMSISNW) now do some mods. Replace letters with corresponding numbers where possible TL1m515nw@1957. Let 'em try to brute force guess that one. If any hacker has guessed the password of your computer, it's being used to send SPAM and as a tool for hackers.


DO NOT use Hotmail, AOL, GMail, Yahoo or any of these free mail addresses. You can get a FREE Protonmail account, it's all encrypted and rated as one of the most secure sites. USE an 8 to 10 character password, as above. Safemail is NOT safe. For a very small fee, you can get a paid Protonmail address AND a VPN as well.

Internet Sites

Like this one, unless you have REAL security on the server It WILL BE HACKED, that's if it doesn't already have a backdoor for the spies. Give as little information about yourself as possible. For sites where you have to "sign up" and you get a mail that you have to confirm, you can get disposable email addresses or just create a Hotmail one and then never use it again.

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