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Over thirty years ago, economist-libertarian Murray Rothbard, in a well-known essay of his, wrote if not warned of a naive, credulous public, who would buy into the propaganda of the state, of it being genuinely concerned for their welfare, and how conspiracy theories would be attacked -- being these are or would be interpreted by dictatorial governments as undermining influences ... or, to put it another way, as truth-bearing seeds inspiring healthful doubt which are planted in the minds of subjects, otherwise unwittingly the victims of Big Brother thought reform/psychological warfare.

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one of the conspiracy theories I find funniest is the "Bielefeld Conspiracy"
Bielefeld is a city somewhere in Germany – yet no one knows someone who ever was there or knows someome from there 😁
.......so the theory says that all pictures from Bielefeld are faked and it does not exist on the map 🕳️😎

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