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Anyone else having a 'bad trip'?


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I was  listening to a great teacher today called Siddhameshwar.

He says ; the cult of Maya has many followers, few they are who follow knowledge.

Maya means "the world", the human sheep who are devoted to the insanity of this horror that they have built for themselves.

He says that only those who have not fully completed the spiritual path will be reborn right here in this world to do it again.

Although I believe he is mistaken as afaik you can only be reborn if you have at least made a spiritual foundation in yourself.

He says that the rulers of Maya (the madness) like to consume the people here deep fried,i.e you suffer and suffer more and they you are slayed and thrown in the ground.

He says that the World is not afraid of money or power or anything.

Except those that are realised, that is the only thing this World is afraid of.

Yes, I agree.

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