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Prediction date for Full UK Lockdown?


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5 hours ago, Fluke said:

Well i guess i will have to concede on Boris. He really is a repugnant man. I couldn't care less what happens to him now either. Complete wet fish putting that silly voice on. Still been telling people there will be a "second lockdown, second wave" and they all said no way. 


The naive british public (world public) have shown themselves up for what they are with their fake niceness. I see right through it and its weak. They have sold us out, and don't you dare FORGET. REMEMBER the ones who starting making snide comments, and hurling abuse for dare questioning this. 


If they are waking up now as far as i am concerned its too late. These are not good people, these are weak people. Dangerous people.


I will be both amazed and delighted if we dont go into another lockdown by the end of the month. Hiring covid enforcement officers or whatever they are calling them. 


These are bullies we are dealing with. And they can smell blood and rightly so because the public were and still are utterly useless. 




I know what you mean about fake niceness...but you should be in Canada the fake niceness is nauseating... 

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Well... I expect a 2nd lockdown VERY imminent now (reason below paragraph). Probably would make sense before the protest rally happens in the next two weeks or so. Below I copied and pasted from my previous comment on ''COVID MEGA'' page something.


Guess what guys, seems like a 2nd lockdown is happening... This is because they've been ordered to go into lockdown due to CASES LOL. This is how they're going to justify what they've done? By killing OLD people then saying ''the virus is deadly, look it killed old people again cause you young whippersnappers hate granny'' Seriously, Matt Hancock needs jail time for life and literally know the true meaning of suffering... Hopefully, the public remembers WHY there was a spike in deaths and maybe think ''oh perhaps the government is bloodthirsty hmmm''.

(source link below of death rates from locking down care homes...)

(source link below of ordering care homes back into lockdown)

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13 minutes ago, Mr H said:

I was just thinking earlier that curfews will be the next thing they roll out. I think they will be reluctant to do this until they have trialled it somewhere, a smaller city or large town. If their 'cases' keep going up, which they will, they will try it on sometime around the first half of October. Look to the MSM to see if they start reporting on curfews around the world. They like to soften us up gradually before they play the full hand.

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