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Forum Rules, Etiquette & Guidelines

Grumpy Owl

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Welcome to the David Icke Forum.

You are free to discuss anything of interest, but please can we show respect for each other and the difficult job of the moderators who volunteer their time and hard work to ensure that the discussions are not hijacked and dominated by the few at the expense of the rest.

The David Icke forums have become a focus for lively debate, insights and information and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Best wishes,




Rules and Etiquette

The below information specifically covers your use of this Forum and complements our general website Terms and Conditions which you will have already agreed to when signing up for an account.


David Icke and the website team firmly believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and oppose all forms of unneccesary censorship. However there are a number of rules and guidelines which we expect all forum members to respect and to adhere to.



Questions to David Icke

David Icke himself does not actively participate on this forum. Please do not waste your time time posting messages or questions to David or asking him to contact you as it is unlikely he will ever see them. If you disagree with David's work you are free to communicate this on the forum, however, as you will see below we take a grim view of “trolling”.


Treating Others


This is a place for open and free discussion on a wide range of topics and we ask that you respect each other by not bullying or harassing other members of the forum.

This is not the place for personal attacks, or to deliberately stop the flow of conversation from taking place. Please;

  • Do not Hijack threads with the same questions if a Moderator or other member has already answered them;
  • do not post irrelevant images or text in other people's topics for no reason other than disruption;
  • do not make any personal insults or irrelevant one word answers.
  • Do not spam “General” or "Today's News" with a bunch of new threads all in one session.
  • Do not sign-up multiple user IDs.




People are welcome to discuss issues surrounding race. Racist remarks will not be tolerated on this forum. Political stances can be discussed without resorting to racial stereo-typing and abusive remarks towards a race of people. Anybody trying to stir up racial hatred will be banned without warning.

The issues surrounding Israel are legitimate subjects for debate and David Icke has not flinched from addressing them despite the attacks on him this has triggered over the years. However, this debate can be conducted without falling into the cesspit of gratuitous racist and anti-semitic abuse. There is no need for this for a view about Israel's policies to be expressed and this is not a place to dump such bile. There are many forums that would welcome it, this one does not.

We do not shy away from discussing controversial topics. We welcome debates where other mainstream media outlets would not. However, this is not an opportunity for anyone with any kind of racist agenda to spread their propaganda or to recruit others.


Personal Information


Please be very careful about posting any personal information on this forum. We cannot be held responsible if you choose to post information which reveals your location, identity, or anything else which you may later regret divulging.

We advise that you keep details regarding your employer, your location and your friends/family vague, unless absolutely necessary.

Please do not at any time post your email address, telephone number or postal address on the public forums without permission from the moderators. Do not ask other members on the forum for their personal contact information either. We take privacy very seriously here and anybody seen deliberately breaking this rule will be banned without warning.


Private Messages (“PMs”)


Private messages are subject to the same rules and Terms and Conditions as the rest of the forum.

Please do not post content from PMs on the forums at any time without prior written permission from the moderators or admins.

If you feel a PM has broken the guidelines and you wish to bring it to a moderators attention please use the "Report reply" link in the top right of the message content.

The Admins of this forum reserve the right to access a users private messages ("PMs") at any time for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Suspected spamming (including chain PMs)
  • Threatening behaviour
  • Suspected illegal activity
  • Recruitment/solicitation


Please note: Accessing a users PMs will only ever be used in very extreme circumstances. It is not a standard feature we use.

It should be noted that the private message service is not a securely private or confidential means of sending communications to others and you are strongly discouraged from using it to share sensitive information with other users.

We will endeavor to protect your privacy at all times and will never access, read or disclose PMs unless absolutely necessary.


Advertising & 'spam'


Advertising is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from the Webmaster.


'Spammers' and 'spam posts' will be removed and members banned with immediate effect.


Members are welcome to share relevant content and material from, along with links to, their own website as long as they actively join in with other discussions here.


Quoting & Copyright


You may quote other sources providing that you name the source URL before or after the quote has been made with a link back to the relevant website wherever possible.

Please limit the quotes to 2 paragraphs of text and provide your own comment on the quote. Do not simply quote another source with no other comment from yourself.

Posting of copyrighted material is not allowed at any time unless permission has been granted from the copyright holder. Even when permission has been granted you must seek written permission from the moderators here before posting it.


Thread Topics


The “General” section is for all matters of a general nature and the Moderators reserve the right to move posts into more appropriate sub-forums at their discretion.

We have many sub-forums and we ask that before posting a thread you consider where your post might best be suited. We also suggest before posting that you use the search function to see if there is already a thread you may add your post to rather than starting a new thread on a subject that may have recently been discussed.


Please do not post the same topic in different areas of the forum, choose the most appropriate area. Multiple threads on the same topic in different areas just causes confusion and dilutes the discussion. If you feel you have started a topic in the wrong area, use the Report function to notify a moderator and the topic can be moved for you.


When starting a new topic, please enter a suitably descriptive topic title. Avoid titles in ALL CAPS, and avoid using 'click-baity' headlines such as 'Bombshell' or 'Must Watch' etc.


The Religion Forum


The religion forum was set-up in order for people to discuss, debate and expose the true nature of religions. David's view has always been that all religions exist in order to divide and rule. The intention on this forum is to expose religions for what they really are and not to promote them. We will not tolerate posts or posters with any kind of religious agenda. You are welcome to discuss and debate with the rest of us. However, this forum is not for promotion or recruitment to your religion. Any threads or posts which veer towards this will be deleted.




While David welcomes discussions on his research and doesn’t expect everyone will necessarily agree with every aspect of his work, anyone who joins this forum with the sole intention of flaming David Icke on his own forum will find their account suspended without warning.

Please do not flame others or deliberately disrupt users who wish to seriously discuss aspects of David’s work.

While it is perfectly fine to discuss aspects of David’s work you disagree with or do not understand, posters who habitually criticize David’s work while offering little or nothing constructive to other forum discussions will not be allowed to dominate this forum.


Forum wars


You will not use this forum or any feature within it to arrange any kind of attack on another forum or website. You will also not use another forum or website to organise attacks on this one. Anybody caught doing this will have their account suspended without warning.




Threads or posts which are created in order to ridicule, attack, discredit, or make unfounded allegations against other authors or researchers in a similar field to David Icke will be deleted.

We encourage posters to post facts and opinions about a wide range of topics, including; other authors, books, DVDs, articles, and websites. However, this can be done without resorting to unfounded allegations and abuse.


Avatars, Cover Images, Profile Info and Signatures


Any user using an unsuitable avatar, cover image or signature (unnecessarily brash, pornographic or insulting to other members) will be asked to remove it. A Moderator may remove an avatar and/or signature at any time if noticed and deemed necessary.



Report Post Feature


If you see a post you believe breaches any of our forum guidelines, please feel free to report the post to the Moderators, who will decide on what action (if any) needs to be taken. Click the 'Report Post' link at the top-right of the post content box and leave a short comment as to why the post is being reported. Only signed-in members can use this function.


Complaints and disputes with regard to Moderation


If you have a complaint against a Moderator or you feel you have been unfairly treated after having attempted to resolve an issue with the Moderator involved, you are free to bring the matter to the attention of one of the other moderators who in this instance will act as an arbitrator to assist both parties to find a resolution they can both agree on. However before taking this course of action, we expect that members will try and resolve these issues with the Moderator involved as a first step.

Serious complaints may be forwarded on to the Admins.


Discussing moderation on the forum


While we appreciate that everyone has an opinion, moderation issues may NOT be the topic of thread discussions, no matter how strongly you feel about what may or may not have happened to yourself or another poster. Very often other members are not aware of situations that have transpired if threads and posts have had to be deleted.

The Moderation team is NOT at liberty to discuss such matters on the forum threads.


Please ensure you have read our general website Terms and Conditions before signing up for an account.

For information on our procedures for dealing with users who fail to abide by these rules please read the Rule Breaches section in the following post.

If you need any help with regards to posting or have an inquiry about anything forum related, please contact a Moderator who will be happy to help, or alternatively you may post in the Forum Issues board.

It is our hope that you will enjoy being a member of our community.

Thank you,

The Website Team.



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Rule Breaches


Moderators will normally warn a user first if they have done something which is against our rules. That should give the member a clear indication of what is and isn't acceptable behavior, so that it doesn't happen again.

However, if a member steps way over the line, or ignores a warning, then a Moderator can issue points against that members account. Repeated abuse of the forum (20 active points) will see a member’s account temporarily suspended (“On Warning”) and the member will not have posting privileges during this “On Warning” period (explained below).

After Points have expired, posting rights will be restored, however the forum retains a record of a members past points and if any time in the future a member over-steps the line again, moderators will either issue further points (this time non-expiring permanent points), or will place the members account into “On Warning” (equal to 20 points) where it will remain pending a review by a moderator or admin who depending on the nature of the abuse, may decide to permanently ban this member.

The following is a list of reasons for which you may receive a Warning or Guideline Breach:

  • Insulted Other Member(s)
  • Provocative Trolling
  • Disruptive Spamming
  • Posting Copyrighted Material
  • Posting Pornography
  • Trivial One Word Post
  • Advertisements Not Allowed
  • Hijacking Threads
  • Racism
  • Criticising Moderation on the Forum
  • Threatening another member
  • Threatening a Moderator
  • Overtly Aggressive/Argumentative behavior
  • Custom Notices (Moderator discretion)

If a member ignores a moderator warning they will be given points as follows:

First time rule breaches are worth 3 points and the points expire in 3 days.
Subsequent breaches are worth 5 points and expire in 5 days.
Repeated abuse breaches are worth 10 points and expire in 10 days.


Account Restrictions and Banning:

Once a member has accumulated 20 active points, their account will be placed into “On Warning” and the member will be restricted from posting on the forum for a period of time to be decided by a Moderator or Admin. The posting restriction period will last for a period of no less than 10 days and no more than 30 days - depending on the nature of the abuse - and the member will be notified of this decision.

In the case of gross misconduct, repeated and/or offensive abuses, a Moderator or Admin has the right to permanently ban a user at his/her discretion, or issue non-expiring permanent points. Once 20 permanent points have been issued the member will be permanently banned.

The Admins and Moderators of this site reserve the right to issue custom rule breaches. In extreme circumstances we reserve the right to permanently ban anybody at our discretion and without notice. This may happen for a number of reasons, including; the member is a known spammer, a previously banned user, posts or PMs hostile threats, posts another persons personal details on the threads, abuse of the forum using multiple user accounts, using other members IDs to abusing the forum, or if the member has a known posting history of abuse on this or other forums.

We also reserve the right without warning to mark an account as “suspended from posting” in order to temporarily prevent posting should such a need arise. This may happen in the case of drunk and disorderly behavior or any other unforeseen circumstance whereby a Moderator may see the need to take preventative action in order to avert a permanent banning. Members will stay “suspended” pending a review of the circumstance that necessitated such action. This review will take place within 48 hours.

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Questions to and requests for David Icke


This is in addition to and expands on what has been stated earlier in this thread.


Although this is the "David Icke Forum", David Icke himself does not participate in these forum discussions, and is not involved at all in any way with the running of the forum.


We get lots of new members signing up here, and the first thing they want to do is ask for David Icke to contact them, or ask how they can get in touch with him, usually because they have 'something to share'.


Usually in most cases, these members never come back and post again, the proverbial "one post wonders".


This is my own opinion, as I can't speak for Gareth, Jaymie or whoever started the forum in the first place, but I believe that the David Icke Forum was started up to allow people who had either read David's books, watched his presentations/videos, or just shared an opinion on his ideas, thoughts and theories, to come together and discuss these topics amongst themselves.


I was never a member of the 'old' forum, but I did sign up to this one, not in the hope of having 'direct access' to David Icke himself, but in order to chat and discuss with fellow like-minded free-thinking individuals. Which thankfully most members here are.


So what I would ask of people, is that if you have "exciting new information to share", what is wrong with sharing it here for others to read and discuss?


David Icke believes that we don't need to get behind a 'leader', but we do need to come together by ourselves, this is something we all need to do ourselves together, rather than expecting one person to sort it all out for us.


If you genuinely have new and interesting information that you think would be of interest to David Icke, it would also be beneficial to share it here in this forum so that those who are already interested in David Icke's work and ideas can see it and discuss it.



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New & prospective members


Before you can post in the forum, members will need to create an account here. You can either do this prior to making your first post, or afterwards.


Your username or 'display name' cannot be changed by yourself, so please choose a username carefully, and avoid using your 'real name' unless you are comfortable doing so.


Due to spammers and persistent 'trolls' trying to disrupt and attack the forum, all new members will require their first few posts to be approved by a moderator or admin. As the moderators and admins are not online 24/7, it may take a few hours for your submission to become 'visible' after being approved, so please be patient.



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