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Is UK Government Justified in Seeking to Add Clarity to The Withdrawal Agreement?


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We are entitled to a decoupling period up to 20 years as laid out in the Accession Treaty.


The EU is not within its rights to threaten to withhold all future cooperation because it doesn't like what we are doing.


It is behaving in a completely unreasonable manner. It's not honouring it's obligations. It's having a great big huff because we are withdrawing our cash.


It still does not understand what is going on.


And if our leaving means the EU in its current form is finished then I say Good. About time.

The EU needs to make plans to revert to a Trade Bloc and perform its duties to assist the UK in its withdrawal process.


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We will never be out of that gravy train. When people begin to realise democracy is dead in this country then they will see that contacting with government by agreeing to be governed is a waste of time. Time to disobey all government legislation too.

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The problem we have now is thinking clearly.

We have spent the last 3 years being pumelled psychologically by the EU to the point we can no longer think clearly.

I would suggest taking a 6 month break with no negotiating (due to COVID) and then come back to finalize whatever is going to happen next.


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The truth is the last 4 years have been a complete waste of time because the EU's position has always been if we don't negotiate properly they will have to remain and that has always been their position.

So the truth is nothing of substance has been discussed so far because the door has been locked.

UK government has allowed itself to be bullied and bashed.


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Democracy is an inappropriate joke. Sovereignty is deception and the laws beneath it are a system of slavery. Those deprived of their right to self-determination will find a way and though they may destroy the world to achieve it, I will hold to account the rapers and pillagers of their lives who ought to have known these words from history: "it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law"


Happy organ donation day, covid tracked slaves. All you see around you is a world built by virtue and stolen by barbarians.

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So Northern Ireland effectively remains part of the EU?

What a disgrace.

This is not Brexit.

Not only do they want our fish and money. They also want our territory.

When are these idiots in Parliament going to wake up.

The EU is NOT your friend. It is a MONSTROSITY.

I'm beginning to wonder if Boris Has Buckled?

I always wondered if his heart was really in it.


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Although it's best to take all the grandstanding this evening about a no-deal with a handful of salt (they've again left the door open for a 'last-gasp' deal) I'm beginning to wonder whether the UK is actually being served up as the sacrificial guinea pig for the great reset. Oddly, they dumped the vaccine on us first (despite it being manufactured abroad) and just think about all the phoney problems they could blame on a no-deal Brexit in order to offer solutions such as a cashless society, mandatory vaccines, basic income etc etc. The list is endless. 

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