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Random marks on the body over the years

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I've been thinking about this for a long time as through the years, I've had a number of strange unknown marks on my arms, legs and behind my left ear.


For example, last week it looked like blood had been taken from a vein in my left arm. Mark there from a needle and brusing around. 

I do not have anything of the sort in my home, but it's not the first time.


About two months ago my legs were covered in bruises (and I mean covered. I counted over 30 - varying in size. There was one huge one which for sure I would have known about.) One of those bruises had the same needle mark as mentioned above.


I also remember years ago I was seriously panicking as I could feel a chip behind my ear. I don't know if it was exactly a chip, but the shape and feeling of it was very odd! 


I could be overthinking things, however I am looking forward to any follow up stories.  

It certainly gets the paranoia going..

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50 minutes ago, rideforever said:

Could it be tension, or some milk illness, or posture, or prickling heat ?  Do you have strange twitches?

Ooh I never thought about these..


Prickly heat/posture rash for me is more elevated than this..it's literally like a bruise and a needle hole. But never thought of tension or milk diseases, thanks for the heads up. I'll  check them out 🙂


Strange twitches...embarrassingly so lol. But that's really a side effect of my medication. Happens mainly at night

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