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Did JFK fake his Death and take the *REAL* American Presidency Underground?

Haunted Universe

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I always found the JFK assassination video and morgue photos to be suspect. I also never noticed the odd reflections of what looks like cars or the motorcade itself reflecting in JFK's car door, (until recently) considering there was no road opposite.. Apparently this was early use of 'front projection'.


What are your thoughts? Was JFK really who people thought he was? Here's some interesting links regarding a possible Hollywood set up:






Notice the strange reflections on Kennedy's door. We should also see the reflections of the crowd in the foreground as the car passes., but that big sign conveniently covers it up.  The crowd also looks lifeless and barely move.



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Heres an interesting comment from someone in the comment section on that link:


I came to this theory organically. The strategy of this fake assassination of British MI6 Freemason JFK would be to solidify control of growing “white-hat” factions within the US government who may have begun to seek to form political pushback to the CIA Deepstate. It was a two fold plan. One was a way to flex to others & let them know what going up against the Deep State means. The other was a way of using double-agents to pose as Kennedy sympathizers, forming an “underground” white-hat political/intelligence insider coalition. This way the double-agents leading this white-hat political/intelligence insider coalition always were able to give full exposure of white-hat opposition plans to the actual Deep State, thereby PERMANENTLY ceiling the ability of any white-hat factions within the US government & intelligence body to make a calculated plan to retake the US Government. This controlled opposition can also be branched out to be used to lure in outside factions which the white-hat coalition might seek to make an alliance with, like the Germans. It was the best possible way to guarantee absolute control over any potential white-hat opposition coalitions forming against the Deep State within the US government. Oswald’s arrest & assassination was just diversion chaos tactics. This is the way of the Freemason Deep State. Always have control over both sides & use chaos to distort reality.

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Anyway, it's pretty obvious why they had to take him out. He didn't want a certain group having nukes, and he committed thought crimes when he said things about the Austrian painter.



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