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Face Muzzles delete individuality


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Maybe ive been watching too many police brutality vids but I think the masks make it easier for the police to act without thought of what they are doing.  Im sure there is some psychology behind it. I really think it effects their behaviour in a negative way, the anonymity that they create and the visual difference of the masked against the unmasked.   I think it makes them use their own brains even less than before.

I cant find anything to back this up lol but the whole thing creeps me out. 

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On 9/9/2020 at 3:17 AM, Someone2630 said:

The police recruit brainless THUGS. Jobsworth. I only followed orders.


Now where did I hear that before? Was it the Nuremberg Trials, I wonder?


Interesting discussion: https://www.historians.org/about-aha-and-membership/aha-history-and-archives/gi-roundtable-series/pamphlets/em-11-what-shall-be-done-with-the-war-criminals-(1944)/are-superior-orders-a-legitimate-defense

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