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Portugese Children sue "33" countries because its too hot to play outside

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The crowdfunded legal action breaks new ground by suing multiple states both for the emissions within their borders and also for the climate impact that their consumers and companies have elsewhere in the world through trade, fossil-fuel extraction and outsourcing.

The plaintiffs – four children and two young adults – want the standard-setting court to issue binding orders on the 33 states, which include the EU as well as the UK, Norway, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland and Ukraine, to prevent discrimination against the young and protect their rights to exercise outdoors and live without anxiety.The case is being filed after Portugal recorded its hottest July in 90 years. It was initiated three years ago following devastating forest fires in Portugal that killed over 120 people in 2017. Four of the plaintiffs are from Leiria, one of the worst-hit areas. The two other applicants live in Lisbon, which sweltered through record-breaking 44C heat in 2018.

Expert testimony will warn that these trends will worsen in the future. On the current path of about 3C of warming above pre-industrial levels, scientists have predicted a thirty-fold increase in deaths from heatwaves in western Europe by the period 2071-2100. At 4C, which is also possible, they say heatwaves above 40C would endure for more than 30 days a year, quadrupling the risk of forest fires.

Catarina Mota, 20, said governments must act on scientific warnings because the climate crisis was already affecting young people psychologically and physically.

“I am afraid for the future,” she said. “Lately, it is already impossible to exercise outdoors. If that was only for a few days it would be fine but the heatwaves are extreme and recurring. I live with the feeling my home is becoming more hostile each year. It scares me a lot.”


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Let me guess -

Every one of the countries being blamed - will be one of those actively tackling the issue


Not one will be a socialist (or ex socialist ) country with an extremely poor record of enviromental protection


I was  forwarded the Usual XR guff about THE WORST Enviromental disasters and how CAPITALISM was to blame 


I enquired as to why Chernobyl and several others attributable to the Soviet union had failed to make the list, O also asked how enviromental disasters in socialist countries are the fault of capitalism


I was blocked - save 1 reply 

It is capitalists fault that socialist countries cause massive pollution because they are manufacturing stuff for capitalist countries and to do so cheaper they make short cuts.


You hear that its your fault that china for example has no regard for its people and so unsafely undercuts your Job pushing you out of work 

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