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Is it possible to download london real videoss

Damian Smith

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6 hours ago, Rolandson said:

just used it and it doesn't work.


It works. Go to video page and DownloadHelper will detect available video resolutions, click on one and it will download. In this example I already choose the lowest 240p resolution because of the limited internet connection. You can see it in that "1 Running".





The end result is download video:


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24 minutes ago, Rolandson said:

yes you were right. What about iconic? I can download it but can't open this video


Looks like iconic is a bit different and uses azure player to stream? You can download it with youtube-dl. You're running Mint so it should be in the repos to install. When the video starts playing press pause, right-click on the video, choose "Inspect Element" and then "Network" tab. There you'll see the url which looks like this:


Copy it. In a terminal run:  youtube-dl -F "urlabove"

youtube-dl -F "https://ickonicms-ukso1.streaming.media.azure.net/0c6df35e-d375-43bd-9048-8cf1b42c9f20/The-Answer-Live-Stream-Teaser-Re.ism/manifest(format=m3u8-aapl)"
[generic] manifest(format=m3u8-aapl): Requesting header
[generic] manifest(format=m3u8-aapl): Downloading m3u8 information
[info] Available formats for manifest(format=m3u8-aapl):
format code              extension  resolution note
audio-aac_und_2_129_2_1  mp4        audio only [und] 
139                      mp4        audio only  139k , mp4a.40.2
475                      mp4        320x180     475k , avc1.64000d, video only
760                      mp4        480x270     760k , avc1.640015, video only
1115                     mp4        640x360    1115k , avc1.64001e, video only
2008                     mp4        960x540    2008k , avc1.64001f, video only
3142                     mp4        1280x720   3142k , avc1.64001f, video only (best)

Upper case F will show you available qualities for separate video and audio tracks. (you must choose video first) Then run:  youtube-dl -f numberofvideoformat+numberofaudioformat url

youtube-dl -f 3142+139 "https://ickonicms-ukso1.streaming.media.azure.net/0c6df35e-d375-43bd-9048-8cf1b42c9f20/The-Answer-Live-Stream-Teaser-Re.ism/manifest(format=m3u8-aapl)"


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8 hours ago, Damian Smith said:

When i try this i just get a list of very small files. I don't get the option of resolution. Could it be because im using windows 7 ?


Please be more specific. Which site/video, browser, etc.

Is this with DownloadHelper addon and ickonic website? If it is then that's also what I get and why I had to use youtube-dl to download from ickonic.

As for londonreal, I'm not certain but I think they stream videos via different providers so it may vary from video to video. (don't take my word on this)

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43 minutes ago, Damian Smith said:

It's on london real. I tried it on both google chrome and firefox with with downloaderhelper both with and without the companion app.


Like I said before it depends from video to video. If it's something controversial then they'll put in on their 'freedomplatform' and you can easily download the video with DownloadHelper.

For other topics they just embed the videos from their youtube channel. Youtube-dl is an excellent tool to download videos.

Post the link to the video you want to download so I can check it out.

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