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One thing I didn't see alluded to is that masks beyond any 'medical' justification they never had are a HUGE BUSINESS… that's why the obligation and why protesting might not change anything, because here again and as everything else it's for BIG MONEY…


Figure out how much can be made out of an item of which purchase was made mandatory for ALL citizens with no exception, some having lately suggested to make it required for kids from age 6… and these billions masks come and are bought from CHINA where the 'scamplandemic' is assumed to have 'started'…  




You may even find Web pages from 'educational' sites titling : How do I start a surgical mask business ?





So be it this or anything else, COVID-19 included or to start by it's all for BUSINESS… The day people will understand that ALL so-called 'health authorities' are under full control and dependency of laboratories and drug companies and that the SLIGHTEST business opportunity is taken by people who aren't waiting but for it, then maybe they'll start having a slight suspicion on whether there is actually a 'pandemic' or not…



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Just now, Jack said:

about 3 years ago i was going to do this.


even had a good website name


should have done it, maybe i had a predicition


3 years ago you couldn't know, unless you had thought of importing the Asian custom of mask wearing just for it........ 


what COVID-19 did...... :classic_blink:



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Just now, chud said:


3 years ago you couldn't know, unless you had thought of importing the Asian custom of mask wearing just for it........ 


what COVID-19 did...... :classic_blink:



haha not exactly the cotton ones. Was going to be skin care face masks.

But had a good branding /domain name for this

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duckduck COVID mask signs, pick the 'images' link and see what you get…


It hasn't been long until these items were made mandatory first in public closed places and then outdoor in seemingly contradiction with the purposely ambiguous recommendations of bogus 'health authorities'. So it's not even a sub-business to Big Pharma but just a minable sting pulled by miserable thugs the kind of which used to re-sell to army suppliers used boots and uniforms picked from dead soldiers on battlefields…


And here are we scratching our head to find whatever unfathomable explanation to the mandatory mask wear amidst tons of 'conspiracy theories' of the most frightening kinds, when it's actually all for nothing but easy business on a tiny device sold for 20 times its production cost, of which market is secured by official decrees under FINE penalty and order payments are guaranteed by the Public Treasury.


Those involved in that sting of the 21th century therefore are Westerner government members working at NOTHING but to embezzle public money any which way they can. Then our sold-out Western media spreading the message and securing the sale of these masks by the billion, and eventually a handful of bribed impostors posing as 'scientists' all seeking to get fame by appearing on the screen wearing their bow ties and with book filled shelves in the background…


Seeing the long faces cashiers bear at your local supermarket you may guess they can't stand it anymore whether morally or physically, same for all workers and employees in all businesses, but we're all compelled to it by thugs spreading TERROR just to make a few billions by discretely dealing with the country accused of having 'created' the COVID you end up wondering if it wasn't released in that SOLE purpose… we'll sell masks by the billion!


The WHO for instance got its funding withdrawn by the US seeking to cut in public expenditures by all means, so the WHO had to find a sting of some kind to financially survive, and we Western populations might be forced to wear paper masks FOREVER because then WHY should it ever end ? Even VACCINES are 'petty business' beside it, they're BILLIONS poured into it by states so why would it ever end ?


Men to no longer survive on Earth without masks !


The human kind under threat : millions deadly viruses found in the air !



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I told you all about this months ago.


I work for a small online retailer that sells on eBay and Amazon. We've been supplying PPE products for the trade and professionals for a couple of years now.


At the start of the 'pandemic' and even before the lockdown in the UK, we suddenly started selling lots of the FFP2 and FFP3 disposable respirator masks.

3M™ Disposable FFP2 Respirator Mask - Valved


We used to buy from our wholesaler a box of 10 3M branded FFP3 masks for about £12. Adding in carriage costs and VAT etc, we sold these out at just under £30. Within a matter of weeks, "due to unprecedented demand" the manufacturer 3M practically doubled their wholesale price, so the same box of 10 cost us £30. Which ended up with us selling at nearly £70.


Any stock we had available soon got wiped out, and our wholesaler informed us that they wouldn't be getting any more, due to 'supply restrictions' from 3M. After that, other sellers were selling the same masks for up to £120 a box. Yes, that's £12 each for a single use disposable FFP3 mask.


The thing is that these types of mask are intended for professionals to use, people who do metalworking, wood-cutting and the like, to stop them breathing in harmful dust particles. They're not really intended for 'medical use', and they aren't really effective against microscopic particles like 'viruses'.


eBay and Amazon soon stepped in, and 'banned' the sale of these products (as well as hand sanitisers) due to 'price-gouging'. After a time, they allowed only 'approved' sellers to offer respirator masks for sale, though there were still plenty of unscrupulous sellers listing them, with inflated postage costs as well.


Anyway, shortly after China came out of its own lockdown, and factories started returning to work, we started getting the 'spam' and 'touting' emails from Chinese manufacturers, who all started offering the surgical-type facemask that we now see everyone wearing.


Recommendations about face masks


I wish I'd kept a couple of these emails now, so I had a record of just how cheap these were being offered at.


This has all been prepared in advance. Chinese manufacturers are making their own profit from mass-producing these items, then you have the wholesalers and distributors placing bulk orders for import, and then reselling with their own profit margin on top. And then of course the retailers who buy from the distributors and add their own margins on before selling to consumers.


The above type of 'mask' is disposable, so consumers will need to keep replacing them. It's money on tap. As long as the 'demand' is there, consumers will keep buying these, in much the same way they will continue to buy toilet rolls, sanitary pads, or bin liners.


And then of course now we have the 'fashion masks', for those that want to wear a face covering and look 'cool', instead of like an off-duty dentist.


Burberry Face Masks | Official Burberry® Website


Or design your own! https://www.contrado.co.uk/custom-face-masks  🙄


Crikey, this article is from January 2020! https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/jan/13/fashionable-face-masks-trying-to-make-something-horrific-seem-appealing


So yes, this is very much big business for some.

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Sorry hadn't seen your post but I never thought it might have been started that soon, and since you said it was all prepared in advance then it more or less matches what I suggested : the whole COVID scam might have been intended to support a wide-scale marketing operation under the pretext of 'public health', just like vaccination and our whole Medicine are too anyway... 


From your last link I learn it was first promoted as an anti-pollution device, so here again there's a direct connection to the Asian mask-wearing custom thus imported to the West with as a further sale argument 'viruses' for better efficiency... maybe a proof that the Asian custom was born from a phobia induced by chemical attacks since you'd neither have Westerners wear masks by just waving a pollution scarecrow at them... 


I guess masks were never made mandatory anytime anywhere in Asia but that people there actually grew that custom of their own, so here again too and while the Asian knew where chemical attacks had come from we Westerners were made believe the 'virus' was 'created' by the Chinese as a 'war weapon' against the USA... what a filthy world where victims get blamed and their executioner is shown as the 'victim'... 



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