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SCRAP the BBC tv licence petition


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Petitions on change.org won't achieve anything to be honest.


To be honest, there are flaws in the argument presented here.


Channel 4 is funded by advertising and government grants, yet they can hardly be seen as 'unbiased and politically neutral'. After all they have to pander to both the incumbent Government, as well as their advertisers.


You do not need to pay the licence fee in order to access news and other media platforms.


And the £150.50 licence fee does not cover 'one' channel, but all the BBC channels.



Earlier this year, I cancelled my TV licence. I don't watch any live TV any more and haven't done for over a year, I don't watch any BBC programmes either as they are broadcast, or through the iPlayer. I access 'news and other media platforms' by going on the internet.


Everyone can scrap their TV licence, we don't need the government's permission, nor do you need to sign a petition. Just cancel it and stop watching BBC TV programmes. Do yourselves a favour and save yourselves £150 a year. And free yourselves from this mind-controlling bilge.

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yep grumpy - I agree entirely -  we've stopped paying ours too. We never use the BBC and haven't for 10 plus years it has got THAT bad.
  I see this more as an opportunity to send a strong message saying fuck you to the bbc - I feel so strongly that they must go. 
Of course - it is an illusion as mentioned in the description that programming will become any less bias or pollitically corrupt than it is already, the semblance of the existence of the liberal television media is just that - a complete myth.

I agree Grumpyowl - change.org is yet to have proven that is 'changing' anything of true worth especially with regards to the covid situation, I signed it anyway - to let off some steam,

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Sure but what is the bigger picture for society then.  Can a society survive without ... any culture?

I am really not sure where the UK is going.

Society needs to be based on the family (meaning man and woman) and a belief in itself ... these things have been attacked for a long time.

What now?

So scrap the BBC and then ?

Economically news has been destroyed by the internet.  News is desperate so they hire jilted bastards to write copy, most of whom are liberals.  Hence the move to the liberal politics.

The internet news and social media is controlled by a very small number of companies.


I don't see anything good coming from this trajectory.


Tim Davie the new BBC chairman says that restoring impartiality is the first priority, but then goes on to demand 20% asian/black people ... whereas the UK is 90% white.  He does not mention white people, just minorities.   Then he wants equal pay for everyone ... why, there is no equal pay outside the BBC .. you are paid according to what your employer thinks you are worth. 


And he wants lots of disabled people.  I presume he wants people who are alcoholics and those with terminal diseases and mental health problems too.  Why bother to hire the fit.

Something a bit weird about it all isn't it.


Is anyone in the country left to say : (1) we are a white country and proud of it, (2) the penis goes in the vagina, (3) we worship health not disease.

If the UK can't say those 3 things it is dead already, those are the rules of life.



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Income for the BBC last year 3.52 Billion from license fees ... 1.42 Billion from other sources 


This is a total of 4.94 Billion pounds .... 


A quarter of the countries on the planet have less income(GDP) than the BBC .... countries like Barbados , Guyana , Fiji ...


It's a staggering amount of money ! 


A reasonable withdrawal strategy would be to cut the license to 50 pounds , they will still have income from other sources so it will just cut their budget  in Half to 2.5 Bn 

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BBC is at the forefront of the destruction of the family, the introduction of sodomy into the world, the Anglo-isation of the world, towards a communist New World Order.


20 years ago in 1999, without knowledge of most of the British public, the BBC stopped working for British people and began taking money from Bill Gates and other left-wing powerful and rich people to change the world into a rainbow paradise, to destroy all natural society and create a top down NWO.


The name of this project is BBC Media Action which although it carries the name BBC is an independent partisan left-wing-only Gates funded evil empire, going into all the 2nd/3rd world countries to destroy them from within, so that only the soulless will remain on the planet.


To overthrow all the natural societies that exist, they must first destroy the family, marriage, man and woman, and any normal sane picture of health ... reeling out "world experts" who tell the black brown and yellow people what their new values are.


Truly evil world.  As it is said by the ancient sages of India, 'one becomes ashamed to want anything from this world'.


Wikipedia BBC Media Action https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Media_Action

BigTechopia : http://bigtechtopia.com/2020/09/bbc-receives-millions-from-the-gates-foundation/#:~:text=The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has provided,’ receives heavy funding from the Gates Foundation.


Bill Gates : https://unitynewsnetwork.co.uk/revealed-a-guardian-website-receives-millions-in-funding-from-the-bill-melinda-gates-foundation/




I was just reading one of the annual reports for BBC Media Action, which is all about what they are doing to the black and brown people of the world.  But at the end there is a strange section about the BBC Pensiosn the staff at Media Action will continue to receive, very generous pensions.

Of course for Bill Gates gettion an order for 1 billion injections makes him the richest human being in history with more wealth than most countries and his descendents for thousands of years will never have to work.  But he can't destroy things on his own.

Some golden pensions for the media action staff are enough for them to sell their soules.


Ultimately under all the helping of brown yellow and whatever people ... they are all in it for money.


I have a friend he works with these "charities" helping little black people to be happy .... and behind it back at home he has a big stock portoflio full of evil coporatikons who's shares he owns.

These people are deeply insincere.






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Forget about the licence

Organize a bunch of people to storm all of bbc offices and make citizens arrest of all who work there

Take them to a remote spot and set up our own court

The charge? Crimes against humanity

Punishment if found guilty.....


Lock them up in main sewer artery beneath one of the big cities

No need to feed them. There always plenty of edibles running through 24hrs a day

100 years apeice without parole

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