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Like Joe Rogan could David Icke put content on Spotify.

Damian Smith

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44 minutes ago, Damian Smith said:

I think for more creative control, choosing guests and subjects. Is this a platform the likes of david icke and infowars could moved to. I've no idea who owns spotify.


I doubt it.


See: https://www.rollingstone.com/pro/news/who-really-owns-spotify-955388/



Reading these observations about Spotify, which went public on the NYSE in 2018, might conjure visions of millions of amateur investors gritting their teeth as their bet on audio streaming’s biggest company shows signs of paying off … and then not paying off … and then paying off again. But the truth is, according to a flurry of new SEC filings I’ve scoured in the past month, at the close of 2019, more than a third of the streaming firm was actually owned by institutional investors such as Morgan Stanley — with each of these commercial giants holding stakes of more than five percent each.

In total, at the close of last year, SEC documents show that exactly 65 percent of Spotify was owned by just six parties: the firm’s co-founders, Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon (30.6 percent of ordinary shares between them); Tencent Holdings Ltd. (9.1 percent); and a run of three asset-management specialists: Baillie Gifford (11.8 percent), Morgan Stanley (7.3 percent), and T.Rowe Price Associates (6.2 percent). These three investment powerhouses owned more than 25 percent of Spotify between them — a fact worth remembering next time there’s an argument about whose interests Spotify is acting in when it makes controversial moves (for example, SPOT’s ongoing legal appeal against a royalty pay rise for songwriters in the United States).

Furthermore, according to MBW estimates, which my sources suggest are still solid, two major record companies — Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group — continue to jointly own between six percent and seven percent of Spotify (Sony around 2.35 percent and Universal around 3.5). With Sony and UMG added into the mix, then, the names mentioned here comfortably own more than 70 percent of Spotify.


Also see:



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