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My friend was young but died argument


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Ah, yes, that's more like it 1.5 million world-wide - No masks, no lock dows, no social distancing.


So far according to the Worldometer only 870,677 have died world-wide to date and that's including all the inflated deaths..


I suppose these fucking prats will say that it's the lock downs that kept the figures down. but when we start to take into account the number who are GOING to die BECAUSE of the lock downs. reduced immunity to disease and missed surgery and treatments. 1.5 million will pale into insignificance.


You know, everyone screamed "One Man, One Vote" about South Africa, but you are painting a good picture here as to the reason why all the fucking muzzled sheep in Europe and the UK should NOT be allowed to vote. They are too DUMB. Ditto America. Some of the voter in the USA are too dumb to walk and chew gum at the same time. They need watering every day.

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There are thousands of people with hypothyroidism and the medical profession suppress it. I read that in Italy, thousands of young men have erectile dysfunction, very low testosterone and very low sperm counts. Italy also had an aging population, but when younger people die one should not ASSUME it's the disease that you want it to be. Unfortunately the Medical profession basically ignore hormone problems, especially in men. They are too arrogant to bother about such trivialities. 



@Someone2630 wouldn't say that the medical profession suppresses hypothyroidism, the main issue is that the ranges are far too wide in the UK meaning many have a poor quality of life.  The professional association responsible for determining 'best practice' has consistently wilfully ignored protests from patient charities cos they're in the pocket of pharma.  You can count on one hand the number of competent endocrinologists in the UK who know anything about hormones.  We're in the world of tick box medicine and NICE guidelines, God help us.

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9 hours ago, Joebman said:

Hey guys , so I was arguing with guys at work about my view on Covid. The usual points were thrown at me “why would they ruin the economy?” , “explain how so many people have died ? “ blah blah blah . Now most Points I can argue back easily “ putting any death down as Covid”  , or “big companies / corporations are growing whilst small businesses are dying etc etc “. 
What my question is when someone says what about the young healthy person with no underlying health conditions whi has been rushed to hospital gasping for breath and needing a ventilator ? 
I have replied sometimes saying that pre Covid there was probably random cases where this has happened anyway due to numerous reasons . I just wondered if anyone could give me any extra info on the whole “why are healthy young adults on ventilators ?” . 

 Joeb, we don't know if the alleged deceased used a vape pipe, or if they were chronic smokers, or if they have a history of asthma, what they eat, etc.


At this point the casualty claims from the mainstream media are suspect and questionable. Just days ago the CDC changed the figures for coronavirus deaths.


The mainstream media have zero credibility these days. Since the smith mundt act in the USA legislation was amazingly passed saying that the state could use propaganda on citizens, it seems the fear porn on the Tel-a-Vision from the major media corps has increased to light speed. So we don't really know if the media are reporting accurately. The six main corporations who own the media are the state. They manipulate society using emotional response based material.


Also, think about how stories get passed around and each time from one person to another, the story changes a little due to memory error. Really the only people who know what is going on with a patient are the immediate family and friends, the paramedics, and the doctor who has access to the patients medical history which in the USA is confidential. And maybe to some degree an employer might have an idea of an employees health. But other than that, we know only what the media reports and they have proven to be very inconsistent and inaccurate. Not to mention the fresh out of school wannabe reporter stretching the "facts" to get their story listed on some rag such as the BBC or NYT's.


Another thing you can mentioned to your coworkers is that Royal Rife found a cure for cancer back in 1930 with what he called the mortal oscillatory rate, or basically, frequency. Other people expanded on Rife's discoveries but we never hear about them from the MSM. Hmmm, I wonder why.


Then we can consider various herbalists who realized the body's ability to fight off illness by simply eating the proper items, many items that most Americans had never heard of, herbs which were later attacked and oppressed by the American "medical" system. Medical as in medicine. Medicine is not something that the US western medical system focuses on. They focus on treatment, which is basically a form of repeated business and the most abused method to having repeated business in the medical industry is if a "doctor" is not healing people.


But "doctors" seem to do very well for themselves, not all but many, and so do the pharmaceutical agents who sell the drugs. And this tells me that the US western medical system is built on fallacies and that this corona "virus" might be their way of trying to save their industry from dying.


Last but not least you can advise your coworkers that the cure for AIDS was found years ago, in fact decades ago, back in the mid 80's by an herbalist named Dr. Sebi who found the importance of eating alkaline "electric" food to create an environment in the body where bacteria cannot thrive.


Barbara O'neill in Australia has also taught many about the alkaline acid balance food.


Your coworkers are standing on a foundation of sand. Help them find their way to a solid foundation which can only be based on facts.

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The government (at least the deep state, anyway) have been murdering people with the 5G/ventilator combo.  5G uses beam-forming technology.  One 5G tower can have as many as 100+ millimetre transmitters on it that can be synchronized to hit one device (or person) with a significant level of radiation via constructive interference.  This means it can be weaponized to attack a specific individual and you can be sure that the deep state have not missed the opportunity to do this.  We have seen the effect of such attacks this year from around the last week in March to the end of May.  The condition known as "silent/happy hypoxia" is really radiation poisoning.  Millimetre microwave radiation is able to induce a toxic blood condition that leaves the patient with a lack of functioning red blood cells.  Much of the targeted person's oxygen remains dissolved in blood plasma where an oximeter can't detect it.  This causes oxidative damage throughout the body over time and the government-mandated treatment of intubation/ventilator usage just exacerbates this and has proven to be a death sentence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIDsKdeFOmQ


The intention of the deaths is to create a scare and promote (if not, make mandatory) future vaccinations. Btw, in future these vaccines are liklely to have an extra ingredient: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/a-mass-sterilization-exercise-kenyan-doctors-find-anti-fertility-agent-in-u

This is for population reduction purposes, i.e. to achieve the 500 million population target as stated on the Georgia Guidestones.


The correct treatment for 5G-induced radiation poisoning is anti-oxidant therapy, e.g. hydroxychloroquine, methylene blue or high-dose vitamin C, plus zinc (btw, that other "COVID" symptom you may have heard of, a loss of taste/smell, is a recognised symptom of zinc deficiency).  That can return the blood to a healthy state and return the red blood cell count to normal in a matter of hours.  Red blood cells are actually sequestered in bone marrow during this toxic state (I believe autopsies are being curtailed to prevent this discovery) — they will be returned to circulation once it is corrected.  This is all supported by this soviet research paper from 1977: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mX1fSrTzvWIxJBOC0Q8POLD0XhBQSpDv


If you want a more printer-friendly [OCRed+corrected] version of that paper that you can hand over to argue your point, you can get that here:
https://k2s.cc/file/7b5aae4d7d2e0/cia_mm rad extract.odt  (Open Office Writer format)
https://k2s.cc/file/44b2d237f72ca/cia_mm rad extract.doc (MS Word 97 format)

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