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Disease Testing Methods?


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I don’t have a TV so am not aware of the current testing methods being used around the world for certain (Diseases) but have seen a little science news coverage on the www so wanted to check some details/facts please.


The original drastic idea seemed to be using a large stick with a cotton bud and shoving down the nose into the back of throat take a sample. (I was told as a child to never use cotton buds to clean ears due to the possible dangers and damage) Now it’s going to be a simple salvia sample onto a swab of some type? (Like the Police do with criminals) Have blood tests been done somewhere and the methods?


So is this for health reasons? To sample all human DNA? To introduce a virus/disease into the population unknown to them? (Some lateral thinking)


It’s pointless testing for bugs (assuming the current virus panic is real and human released / natural occurring source) when most people we are told will not become ill and have no obvious problems. A person could become affected with a virus 24HRS on having been told negative test and that makes the whole process look ridiculous.


Much concern about serious pushing of various vaccines when there is no proven need. Tonsils are in bodies to fight bugs.   


I read in Sweden there were no lockdowns but people advised on disease control and the people/businesses survived well and in South Africa where there are dense populations living in unhygienic conditions there is little infection. (Good natural immune defence) 


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