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France - horses killed , sacrificed , wounded

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Hey 👋 someone has a clue about this horrible killing and wounds done by some

sort of cult on horses  ? Almost everyday horses 🐎 with horrible wounds , sometimes even killed etc been found on their properties. Police as always very slow 

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In the last month countless cars in Brighton have been keyed, people just walk down the streets and key every single car in the street.

Such is the state of people.

With the BLM, young people are taught to attack each other .. like in those Netflix series, the hunger games.

Well, an ordinary life is maybe not possible for them - or at least well concealed - ... the adults have not done their responsibility of preparing the future for the young.  And so young people do something because it is better than doing nothing.


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France horse mutilations: Police hunt two suspects in Losne

Police in France have launched a manhunt for two suspects after the latest in a spate of horse mutilations.
Forty officers have flown by helicopter to the town of Losne, near Dijon, after a horse was attacked on Sunday morning.
Dozens of horses have been killed or maimed around the country this year, prompting public outcry.
Police do not know why the animals are being targeted, nor whether it is the work of one person, or if initial attacks have inspired copycat killings.
During the latest incident, the horse's owner called police at around 02:00 local time (01:00 BST) on Sunday after seeing lamp lights in his meadow.
The Dijon prosecutor's office told local media that the horse had been injured in its flank, although the injury was not very severe.
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