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The Unholy Trinity - Mental Illness or Rediscovery?


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A beautiful explanation of the duality trap we are in 👌



Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution 


This is my way of trying to present the above...


Do you know what I realised yesterday...

What the Unholy Trinity actually is 

∴ Stress - Depression - Anxiety 


These almost always accompany one another over time.

These thing's are terrible but, they're demanding you question everything you ever thought or believed to be true about yourself and reality. They send your mind on a path to see things you hadn't understood or given a shit about before...

Nothing a good pill can't sort out.
That's making sure you don't sort it out and that you maintain the lie, the mask of whom you believed yourself to be, and not rediscover yourself from the fantasia of what you imagined yourself to be, due to an otherwise indoctrination from cradel to grave until you during that time start to figure it out.

This feeling of giant hoax that has been played on you 🤔


"Can you tell what it is yet?"...


The very nature of this duality trap turns those negative expressions into a positive one.

The problem is, people are trying to escape them so very carefully and meticulously, they maintain their own trap, usually by themselves not acknowledging they're as much the trap as they feel they're "themselves". The Fantasia, the illusion or Phantom Self.



They're as much what they're trying to run for as what they're running away from...



Do you see everyone going nowhere fast? 👀


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The Narcissistic and Psychopathic mind set of the BEAST SYSTEM  wants to LABEL those with a spiritual connection as suffering from DEPRESSION, STRESS and ANXIETY which falls under the systems MENTAL ILLNESS umbrella! 

So sadness is no longer acceptable and falls under the mental illness umbrella as depression? it must be mental illness if we’re not accepting our own enslavement or dare to mention the spiritual! Our spiritual connection is being severed here to usher in a worsening HELL state to the one we’re already in. Our outrage to the atrocities of suffering and enslavement in this monetised system of captivity and control is deemed MENTAL ILLNESS! 

Anyone here NOT suffering from PTSD at some level is not human, already turned to the dark side!

Those not playing ball with the system are considered disobedient! Deemed crazy! The beast system has 117 UK prisons and many institutions just waiting for them. They have already prepared a cocktail of drugs to shoot up the vein of anyone going against the beast systems oppression. Therefore crazy! Crazy making, the abusers go to! Abusers run this system, this is why so many are afraid. - Janey


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