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Fascism in Australia - Covid1984

Lee Gould

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Also of concern is the absence of Max Igan from his bitchute channel. He's been putting out scathing videos every couple of days on covid since the start, and no video or contact has been received from him in the last week, which is highly unusual. Hopefully he's just having a rest, but after watching the video above, (and even though he's based in QLD), it wouldn't surprise me if he'd been snatched. He lives on what appears to be a rural property, so no one would be nearby to see him be taken, or indeed to get the word out.

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Well she caved in pretty quickly giving up her rights straight away! NWO scripts is everywhere these days it seams..





AU NWO police dont have any problem with the script either btw!




It has nothing to do with pregnancy, woman, withe, protests, feacesbook, lockdowns etc, its just KABUKI distraction

bullcrap from what rely goes on, but sure as hell its a great "mind bending tool" on those who dont get it.

Edited by Dr WHO?
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