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When will people wake up?


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2 hours ago, LightandLove said:

Hi Jikwan  

For those that are aware, what do you think they should be doing? Just an honest question as its hard swimming against the tide if you know what I mean.

All I can think to do is fight it on a local level, grassroots type of stuff. Its hard though when you have a family to feed and need to provide a roof over their heads. Some people don't have the resources for revolt. 

Man, i gave up hope long time ago

And this subject....revolt, what can we do? Is something that takes more than a short post to work something out. Its complicated and there are truths about this modern corrupted society have to be told

This is worth a watch. He points out we need to take risks. We lack that quality. We like comfort and safety

We like to avoid difficulties and minimize suffering


The only one thing i got confidence in is to somehow get the formula for antigravity device. With that, we bolt it to almost any armoured vehicle, power it with even a modest sized engine 2 machine guns and 2 bomb launchers

To build 200 vehicles like this would be cheap fairly quick to build lightning fast very effective

Sounds like a fantasy. It is until you get that formula

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34 minutes ago, Mr H said:

I think like you said different folks have different resources and skill sets, so it's difficult to have a one approach for all of what you can do.


I am a very ordinary person, I can only share what I am doing and working on doing.


1. Reclaim my consciousness capital - spending less time giving my attention (capital) to retarded things, especially if I have no control over it. or things that do not make me a better person


2. Making myself, mentally, physically and spiritually stronger


3. Creating boundaries and values as to what I will accept and will not accept in my life, and sticking to them regardless of the consequences


4. Updating my belief systems


5. Becoming my own central bank


6. Accumulating practical skills and knowledge


7. Creating alternative revenue streams 


8. Speaking my truth when asked


These are all things that I can do and can change. I cannot, no matter how much I'd like to, change anybody else in this world. 


And i've found through experience, cos I used to be one of them, those that want to save everybody, are those that are too scared to face themselves and work on themselves. 



Looks like you have a solution that helps you and a few other people but will not change those great forces coming at us from so many directions

How can we small people have a serious discussion on how to fix and put right massive world problems?

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8 hours ago, Jikwan said:

Adverse conditions are not as bad as you think

When its all difficult we can develop strengths and good qualities

Easy conditions....we become weak and lazy and indulgent


This is so true, but I’m getting old, tired, and weak. Stay strong, my friend.

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You only need to look at Faceache (difficult I know) to see how unimaginative and boring people can be. There is no measure of intelligence and some people love all being the same and take comfort from it. This "virus" has also been a chance for people who have spent their lives being sly and shifty to come out and shine as righteous and moral. A lot of them are happy to cop out of everything and just live for telly, gin and the news. We are not allowed this, we are not allowed that FGS be a master of your own destiny! I've worked with some people in high jobs and they are the worst for being thick, especially when it comes to empathy and thinking outside the box. The British education system is just copy, copy, copy and achieve like a good narcissist should. No intuition or humanity. Thank goodness there are some gems amongst us.

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On 9/2/2020 at 2:14 PM, Seeker said:

It’s alarming how many are so brainwashed and for us to beat this we need a lot of people to wake up and wake up fast, do you think people can do it? I look around and there’s 0 critical thinking, just following whatever is said on tv or by the government they ‘dont trust’ during election time. If people can’t figure it out now when it’s super obvious and in a time where information is at their fingertips, then there’s no hope for them, and it means we suffer too

Probably when they wake up on the other side and then realise it's too late to do anything. :) Everyone should concentrate on saving themselves. It's all you can do (get out of dodge), nobody is coming to save us. We are all on our own. half of society is brainwashed, our system of government is beyond corrupt and cannot be saved. It's sink or swim time. My personal opinion is that it's too late for humanity barring a miracle. I hope I'm wrong!

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