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Another city destroyed by BLM - Kenosha Wisconsin - Pics

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What happened to the George Floyd thread? Did it conveniently disappear in the last hack?


I found this link to a bunch of photos of Kenosha WI looting and rioting aftermath.


I believe that this was in response to another black man who was shot and killed by police. I did not follow the story so I am not sure what happened but add another democrat state to the list of destroyed cities. How ironic that the one photo says, "Kenosha Strong". Yeah right. If Kenosha were that strong the people wouldn't burn down the city, they would hold accountable those who commit the crime.


Interesting, no Republican cities have been burned and looted, to my knowledge, or at least far less, maybe one or two compared to the numerous democrat states.



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Look at that guy in the Chrysler dealership, his pants are falling down. Why doesn't he steal a belt instead?


Oh look, a recycling or garbage truck, let's burn it. Great idea! Cause you know, we don't need trash or recycling pick up or anything to you know....keep the neighborhood and planet clean... :classic_rolleyes:


Looks like they burned an entire dealership lot of cars!


The state farm advertisement cracks me up. :classic_laugh:


So now what have these idiots accomplished? Winter will hit WI in two months, I hope all those BLM people help rebuild the city into the utopia they want, you know, being the smart, charitable, productive members of society that they are. Just imagine if all the people who have looted and burned cities for the last three months instead spent this summer pouring all their energy into building a garden or a greenhouse filled with alkaline vegetables. They would have plenty of food and would have set a positive example for their children.








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