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Next London protest has been split into two seperate events and dates


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Unfortunately Kate has put on her Facebook that instead of attending the planned 26th event that everyone knew about she is now attending one that has suddenly been organised for the week before? In the same place (Trafalgar Square)


It seems a really shame and I hope egos are not getting in the way. Kate was talking about unity at the last event!? Apparently she has recently put a video up saying she wasn't happy with the last event now as it was messy.


It seems a big shame we need one main date so we can show the world are number's! 



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This is really unfortunate. We really don't need the movement being divided and dissipated in this fashion. On the day of the event she said 26th, P. Corbyn said 26th... If I lived in London I'd just go to both, but many people don't have this option.


Any specifics on what caused the divide? I feel like I'm missing something.


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There has been a lot of confusion over the two dates which, from what I can make out, seems to be down to a clash of egos with both sides accusing the other of being infiltrated...


It appears that both events are going ahead.


StandUpX have announced today that they are supporting the 'Resist and Act' rally on the 19th September so I will create a new event in the calendar.




A flyer is now being circulated accordingly and it has "Icke" listed as one of the speakers. Which Icke I wonder?








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A nation-wide strike would be more relevant. I sincerely hope that everyone will remember this scam when you go to the voting booths again. "None of the above murdering, lying, hypocritical twats" 


But the wankers now have the voting machines because too many people wrote this on their ballots. That's what I used to write on mine BEFORE covid!


I haven't yet worked out how NOT to vote or to fuck up my vote on a machine yet, other than a hammer.


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