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Educating European Children.... "The Environment"

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I met a young woman recently, 30s from Central Europe ... she's very nice but goes on about "The Environment" a lot.  Very worried about chemicals, plastic bags, waste and all that.

Today I was thinking this :

... she is consumed with fear about "The Environment" and is withering under the weight of abstract fearmongering .... meanwhile the soulless scum of Brussels are encouraging these fears and claiming that they will be victorious over the environment.  

And instead of just taking care of business .... of your own business, and looking after your life, and trusting your own volition, and building a life ... instead of that  you live a fearful withered terrified life running around for the agendas of other soulless scumbags who spray it in your face all day long.

I see this a lot from European young people, very indoctrinated.


Anyway, fuck all that.  You are an eagle, and under no laws but God.




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