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MUSIC **** ELECTRONIC MUSIC *** Rave,Acid,House,Techno,D&B- anything electronic that's great for the awake.

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On 9/1/2020 at 12:38 PM, pi3141 said:

I used to go to Paul Oakenfold's club at Heaven, called the Future, hearing this when out of your head on acid in an underground club was amazing.


I Remember that venue at Charing X Arches , 

I had many a night at the Dungeons Lea Bridge Road  crazy venue along

With The Four Aces , Club Labyrinth ,Dalston Lane  

Linford film studios 

But some of my best nights were on the boat raves 

From Embankment down the Estuary and back .

Looking back surprized no one fell over board , because we were all shit faced


Thanks for fine selection of music some of them titles were very important to me way back when , Night Riders ,Bam Bam etc 

Still need to work me way through it all ...cheers 







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Just remembered
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28 minutes ago, Coldrum said:


Arrrrrr - great selction of songs Coldrum!
wood-allen - airport, rhythim is rhythim - emanon, -  completely forgot how flippin brilliant that tune is!!!!!  (Rhythim is Rhythim certainly knew how to make melodic tunes)
and mr fingers, (was in san andreas as well I think) and of course the prodigy - anything by them is pretty much always a winner.
Sweet exorcist, Nitro deluxe - massive tunes!  Love them all!
and then my favourite - Acid test - test one - What a 'bare-bones' simplistic but sooooo Acid that track is!  I love it.
Check my next acid track thread post for another honest and simplistic acid 'groove.'  (warwick castle meltdown)

(no flippin forum likes left to give but love them all)

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name of track
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