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MUSIC **** ELECTRONIC MUSIC *** Rave,Acid,House,Techno,D&B- anything electronic that's great for the awake.

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Great tunes too many to give forum reactions mate but nice one! 
My faves from your list are:  
Orchestra JB on a love groove   - (so beautiful especially the last third of song - completely forgot about this amazing tune)
The Nightwriter - let the music use you (reminds me of playing san andreas on the bike around the villages)
Monsoon, Trashing Doves, blancmange, bam bam, code 61, Quadrophonia (I prefer the version with rapping in, but still v cool,  fancy an arcade game of Streets of Rage anyone?😉)
Way-out-west, Lustral. orbital, FSoL, The orb, One dove-whitelove (all time beautiful classic)   usuara, xpansions, bass-o-matic, jaydee, de-lacy. 

Nice one!  There is sooooooo much to choose from.


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"yeah yeah yeah, ye, ye,ye - yeah - yeah! - yeah ye ye ye ye yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  (not complicated lyrics)    - but wicked tune!
LCD Soundsystem at their best - a crazy builder & crescendo - last third - the studio recorded version is as good (if not even better) than this live version:
Check this beauty:


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