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MUSIC **** ELECTRONIC MUSIC *** Rave,Acid,House,Techno,D&B- anything electronic that's great for the awake.

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3 hours ago, rooey said:

having intimate knowledge of the scene on a few levels definitely have strong view. 

dont want to be too critical on a thread which isnt really about conspiracy stuff. 

However will say as a dj for 20 years who then quit suddenly, if ever came back to mixing would probably throw out more than half my music, which is all proper house, techno, techhouse, progressive bla bla smashin parties proper no pop cheese stuff

Yes me too Rooey - started as a dj in 1990/91 - was lucky to be knocking around with certain good people and got a few breaks, and I became very well known during 1994 - 1999  (don't want to give too much away)
I played in most of the venues in Britain (mainly south of leeds) and many many abroad, made many tracks - remixed hundreds, quit in 2016,  know and have felt first hand the curruption involved in the music companies and the drug scene, always very careful with regards to the latter.

The people who enjoy the tracks aren't the problem, the 'corporations and deeper levels of criminality' are the problem, same as any other genre of modern music.

The music on this thread here, some of it amazing, (but that's subjective and always has been - one mans bach can be another mans bucks fizz - it's all down to taste)  but yeah ... this threads for fun - anything electronic, early new romantic stuff, 1970's early electronics, you name it -  anything that has ever used electronics to form a cool sound oscillators, synthesiers, sine waves, squarewaves,sawtooth waves, bloody - wave shaped waves, micro processers, anything that has been connected to an electrical circuit  -  it's just a joy to behold the sound of electronics isn't it?
For me it's all about the beats, give me beats - big buttery biscuit bass - and basslines, preferably on the faster side - (this all might be the early/mid 1980's breakdancer part of me)
....although - now I've matured a little I like the slower stuff a lot more than I used to. 
Even the cheese (for light relief) of course - can be fun - if not fucking annoying at times and of course vastly overplayed on the msm.
I can honestly say most of the shit I have heard at clubs played by so -called dj's has been utter shite -  especially after 2001  - the music being sold to the masses definately took a turn for the worse. (and the music being played took a turn for the worse) - in my experience - although, not by me.

I never did click with the 'trance scene'  (cheap trash sounding circus clown electronic music)  (in my opinion) but again, to reiterate - that's my view on it - that's subjective.  (clueless man/womans dance music)  (imo)
For me, Genre of dance music didn't matter too much - I tried not to get stuck in one slot of style (although - as much as I loved breakbeat it wasn't so good for 'tripping-out' on the dancefloor (imo) 
I loved the  'four to the floor' stuff, really it was all about it having 'that sound' You will know what I mean by that Rooey...    that champion sound?😉

(don't be put off anyone who does like trance - anything you like stick it on the thread)

Sorry to rattle on Rooey - (& for the life story🙄
I appreciate your additions to the thread mate - it's cool, throw some of your favourites on here buddy.  As Mrs Doyle from father ted might say....."Ahhh ...go on.".....



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My fav happy hardcore tune from the 1990's when i was young, old school from the 90's



Great example of happy hardcore, and amazing to dance too, can still remember this tune like 23 years after i went to my last rave.


For people that do not know, happyhardcore was changed to another name for this music. So more younger people will not probably know the term happyhardcore, but know it today by another name.


What ever, still an amazing tune, and i will always remember it, as one of my fav tunes to dance to back then. Really sums up what happy hardcore was.


I will always remember my heart was pumping like crazy to this, you could feel your heart just pounding on your rip cage to explode it seemed.


I wanted to die that night in bliss, shame i did not, but i tried, but it was amazing feeling, and this song was the best, and summed up how happyhardcore played your body, and drove your movements.


Shame my heart did not explode that night, but it must of been close. That night i understood why your heart is surrounded by a rib cage, lol

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