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1 hour ago, Given To Fly said:


i bought it on vinyl last week.


my collection is building up nicely:




Ahh yeah - looking good gtf, I just scanned through it - and - (as luck would have it) I saw cry little sister off the lost boys movie - I honestly was just listening to that track on my earphones about an hour ago, fancy that?
Yeah - it's nice to have a good wad of records - they look proper lovely stacked up with all the spines showing like a grand bookcase of sorts.
Keep going - they'll mount up quick - I've been buying vinyl since the mid 80's through to about 2016 on a regular basis - and only bought stuff I loved - had about roughly 2500 -3k records  - but given away about 1500 of them to charity shops over the last couple of years - kept the ones that were truly important to me - but had no qualms about getting rid of the rest (wanted to get rid of alot of my material possessions -most don't mean much to me anymore) -  but still like to go through my vinyl collection every so often and play a few. 
Nice one mate.

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On 11/25/2020 at 11:04 AM, Basket Case said:

Just listened to this on the radio;

Aphex Twin - Ageispolis 


I know I clicked like on this BC, but had to come back to say what a completely blissed out tune this beauty is, every part of this song is just so blissed and positive, the background synths, alternated up/down bassline, and simple beat as well as that continuous soulful/universe type sound in the background.  (that's what it makes me feel and think of anyway) - the 'everything'  So good.
Here's another true all time early techno blissed out baby back in 84, a completely beautiful, rare and unknown beauty:





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