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1 hour ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

You'll recognise the first bit from house of pains most famous song 'Jump around' ...
.....but - do you recognise the drum beat (6 second drum break)   at 1:26 ??? 

.....  Yep - from just about everything post acid and house, this beat - was fused with acid and house, and became the sound that inspired UK hardcore - speed it up a little (take away some of the house) -  add some jamaican ragga maybe american hiphop influences, add a bit of dub and reggae basslines, and along comes jungle.
(and a little later D&B)

By its own right this is one beautiful soulful, funky and melodic track:


Shit?  I'm well wrong abou that start bit?  Thought I'd get in here before anyone else notices how wrong I am about the house of pain bit at the start of that?
For the life of me I can't recall what is is off?
That's what I get for tying to be a smart arse eh?



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20 hours ago, Basket Case said:

Can anyone watch this...
1) only once..   (yes - that's all I could take - in a good way_)
2) without pausing..   (paused many times)
3) without rewinding...?   (rewound 3 times)


Wow?  knew the song but not the video, great find BC! 👍 Would've had me coming like a bishop back in the day? Definately one for the wank bank. (excess info not needed sorry)

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MC Cheshire Cat with Leftfield


I saw this live at the Forum in Kentish Town, North London a couple of years back 😍 




Rise up face the enemy
Solid as a rock an you know seh we ready
It is the time that you know we have to fight
We have to stand up and deal with them right
It is the time that you know we have to fight
We have to stand up and deal with them right




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