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MUSIC **** ELECTRONIC MUSIC *** Rave,Acid,House,Techno,D&B- anything electronic that's great for the awake.

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12 minutes ago, Coldrum said:

Hello mate can just about post a link even now i am typing blind with no reply box showing or text , so having tech problems  since last forum update , so i cant really post only paste for now ....


Shit, didn't know?  Fucking annoying that will be for sure, since the last update I can't access twatter links anymore, hope it gets sorted soon.

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Guest Gone Fishing...
1 hour ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

think I'll find one from their back catalogue and stick one on.

This is the one that caught my attention back in the day...

Someone put their C90 tape into the player in my bus, parked up around the back of Glastonbury Tor, in the little narrow country lane, late one summer night 1990/91  😍 


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2 minutes ago, Mr H said:

Whole of this set is very decent but at 34.20 begins a proper proper rewind massive tunage of giant proportions!



I actually have to do a proper spaz out dance across the room whenever I hear that drop lolz.

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I know this isn't strictly electronic - but it's posted for a reason, alot of you will know this already, but I thought it might be interesting to others who love electronic music and want to learn a little of its history:

You'll recognise the first bit from house of pains most famous song 'Jump around' ...
.....but - do you recognise the drum beat (6 second drum break)   at 1:26 ??? 

.....  Yep - from just about everything post acid and house, this beat - was fused with acid and house, and became the sound that inspired UK hardcore - speed it up a little (take away some of the house) -  add some jamaican ragga maybe american hiphop influences, add a bit of dub and reggae basslines, and along comes jungle.
(and a little later D&B)

By its own right this is one beautiful soulful, funky and melodic track:






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