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10 minutes ago, Piccolo pete said:

According to nasa space is a total vacuum. However the earth has pressure systems. So the question is folks how can the earth exist next to a vacuum?





Oh Christ, the aerospace mathematical wiz is back again ,that bloody question has been explained over and over to you but you obviously still don't get it , and if you haven't noticed this thread is about the moon so do us all a favor

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Just read the book Gregory pecary put the link up for,( cheers for that)  well recommended.    Agreed they make a compelling case.   Now where did I park my Dolorean. 

We have over 80 pages of the flat earth thread then in the space section with regards to the gravity error it was turned into a flat earth thread and now when we are trying to have a logical discussio

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I have been thinking about this and the fact that you told me to fuck off makes me wonder if I have made a mistake calling you out ,as the person I think you are doesn't reply in such a manner

. That particular question has been answered in the flat earth thread , gravity doesn't exist thread and the space doesn't exist thread more than once , so if you are genuinely interested you will find the explanation to your question there . The fact that you asked that particular question raises a few red flags for me and I suspect for quite a few others, therefore if I'm wrong I apologize but if I'm right, you truly are a monotonous cagey prick

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