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How to get the most out of this forum - Help & FAQs

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Welcome! New members are usually very keen to jump straight in and get involved, so I thought I'd put up a handy guide for beginners, which also may be of benefit to established members also.


Categories, topics, posts and replies


The forum has been structured into sections and categories. Before starting a new topic, please look for the most appropriate category to start in.


Use the search or have a browse first. A topic may already exist, in which case simply reply to that topic to add your own thoughts. Discussions just get 'diluted' if there are multiple threads covering the same topic.


If you want to reply to a specific post in a topic, click the Quote link at the bottom of that post, and that post will be 'quoted' in your reply.


If you only want to quote part of a post, just click and select the text, once it is highlighted, a box appears showing 'Quote Selection'


You can also use the 'multi-quote' feature by clicking the [+] button next to the Quote link, select multiple posts to add to 'multi-quote', then click on the "Quote X posts" button that appears at the bottom-right to insert those quotes into your reply.




Image and video embedding


The forum software automatically 'embeds' suitable image and video URLs into your post, all you have to do is copy and paste the link/URL into your post. For images on other webpages, just right-click and select 'Copy image location' to get the URL of that image.




will automatically appear as:



This also works for videos hosted at YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion etc. (For videos, please be sure to paste the 'full' URL to the video, not any 'shortened' links)

eg, paste the URL:




Tweets from Twitter and posts from Facebook can also be embedded in the same way.


eg, paste the URL:



Unfortunately auto-embedding does not yet work for videos hosted on BitChute, as they do not yet support the oEmbed standards required for this to work here.


Any URL's that cannot be 'embedded' will just be displayed as clickable links.


If you have an image stored locally on your own computer, in order for it to be displayed in your post, you will need to upload it as an 'attachment'.



Starting a new topic


Try and make your topic title clear and understandable as to what you are posting about. There's no need to post ALL IN CAPITALS, and try and avoid 'click-bait' type titles including phrases such as "MUST SEE!" and "watch before its deleted!" etc


Make sure you start your topic in the most appropriate area of the forum. If you think you've made a mistake and posted in the wrong area, use the Report Post function to alert a moderator, and your topic can be moved to a more appropriate category. Don't just post the same thing again elsewhere.


Try and post your own original content. If you're sharing a YouTube video, please also include your own thoughts and perhaps an explanation of what the video shows. If you're copying and pasting material from elsewhere, make sure to include a link to the original source. Avoid copying and pasting full length articles; perhaps offer a few introductory paragraphs, interested readers can always click through to the full article to read more.


Try to proof-read your post before clicking the 'Submit reply' or 'Submit topic' button. Posts can be edited for up to one hour, this is intended for correcting any 'typos' or spelling/grammar errors that you may spot. It is NOT for drastically changing the content of your post, especially if others have since replied.








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If anyone has any questions about forum functionality, please ask them here, and I'll compile the best 'questions and answers' into the opening post for reference.


(Irrelevant and 'off-topic' posts will be ignored and/or deleted so be warned!)


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Editing Posts


If anyone is wondering where the 'Edit' option has gone, this is now found in the 'More options' menu that appears when you click/tap on the 'three dots' icon at the top-right of your post:




Members have a 'grace period' of up to 1 hour to make any edits to their post - this is intended for making any corrections to spelling and/or grammar, not for making wholesale changes, especially if other people have already replied and/or quoted the post.

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Topic titles


Reiterating what has been stated previously:


Try and make your topic title clear and understandable as to what you are posting about. There's no need to post ALL IN CAPITALS, and try and avoid 'click-bait' type titles including phrases such as "MUST SEE!" and "watch before its deleted!" etc


Please enter a topic 'subject' that is clear and relevant to what you are presenting. Titles all IN CAPITALS look like you are 'shouting' and from my own experience can also be perceived as 'attention-seeking'. Same goes for using phrases such as





These kinds of 'clickbaity' titles work well on mainstream news websites and other sites desperate for clicks to gain ad revenue, but this is a serious discussion board, not MSN 😉


(On a side note it is interesting how many videos titled "watch before its deleted" never actually get deleted!)


Please also don't use your username or real name as your topic title, or 'Mr', 'Dr', 'Ms' etc as I have seen numerous people doing.



Videos and other external links


If you have a video or a link to some other external website to share, please make sure to provide some context or a summary to give others an idea of what to expect.


Posts containing just links and no other content, especially if the links are 'shortened' URLs, may be perceived as being 'spam' and if so, will be removed.

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Please @GarethIcke and other admins back up this forum asap. We all know full well we are likely to be targeted again soon. We have too much truth here and too much info here. As David has just said we have to much here, we are going to be targeted again like we were a few months ago. I dont want us to lose all that we have here since last time. 

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